• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Simple to use and set up

    • Written by Joseph B from Edinburgh

    I use this device with an iPad for evening/day class presentations at a local library for a class of about nine people. It gives a strong powerful image for a device of this size and is very portable. The setup is very simple with auto keystone and focusing. My only disappointment is that it doesn't support all video input, so I can't use it with Macbook Air (early 2015). Do check that it will work with your laptop/iPad. Yes you do need to dim the lights in the room, but I'd expect to do that with any projector including heavy duty ones.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A great projector, but...

    • Written by Christopher P from Huntington

    This projector projects a stunning image for its size. No, it cannot replace my epson home cinema in brightness and clarity, but this thing is tiny, pocketable even with a serviceable battery. I love that it has usb c for charging and video. One hdmi may be a bummer but it is a travel projector and I believe that is acceptable. It can project a crisp (720p) image well over 100 inches from 10 ft plenty bright enough for night time viewing and the autofocus and keystone works pretty reliably. (This has no zoom so the closer it is to your projected serface the smaller the screen, but will also be a brighter image.) This would certainly be a 5 star product we’re it for one issue.
    The color reproduction isn’t the greatest. It excels in brightly lit and colorful scenes and video games but otherwise it has a greenish tint, especially in darkly lit scenes. None of my friends have mentioned it but it is distracting to me.
    I returned the first purchase for the color tint and bought a second which had the same issue. I certainly recommend this product just be aware of its limitations.
    Pro: small. Relatively bright. Decent battery. Crisp image.
    Cons: can be a bit expensive. Green tint is distracting. Low audio output. No zoom...?

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