• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Wasting money

    • Written by Semen P from Brooklyn

    No zoom, short flying time, never connects to phone without remote. Old model

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Abysmal (dangerous to fly) since FW update 01.00.0400

    • Written by Edison W from Vancouver

    When I got this drone, it was on firmware 01.00.0300, and like many have stated here, it was an AMAZING drone that I instantly fell in love with, and took it out whenever I could, to fly, and to capture STUNNING cinematography!

    That all ended when DJI released 01.00.0400 to address some "critical" issue in .0300, and then prevented us from rolling back to the old firmware.

    Now, MANY Mavic Air owners suffer from the following issues:

    - Yaw rolls 15-25 degrees on takeoff
    - Hover is unstable and drone often drifts away even with maximum GPS satellite locks and fully calibrated compass and IMU
    - ActiveTrack spontaneously decides to dive bomb the tracked subject, resulting in injuries
    - Constant Motor Current Errors now occurring, resulting in unstable flight, and near crashes
    - Strong Signal Interference errors causing the video feed and controls to cut out, at as close as 10ft, and drone losing signal around 300ft out

    The DJI support forums and MavicPilots.com boards are FILLED with people complaining of this issue, yet DJI "support" has been anything but. If DJI hardware and design was referred to as the Apple of the drone world, their support department is the anti-thesis of that!

    Buyer beware, steer clear until DJI gets their act together and releases new firmware! And even then, be prepared to be on your own if anything goes wrong, DJI doesn't actually support their products.

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