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    Bose QC35 II review for VIDEO EDITORS

    • Written by Daniel J from LONDON

    I've been using Bose QC35 II for the past few days, going for the really nice blue finish instead of the black which would have been less expensive. Really wanted to have a massive upgrade after using AE2s for the past 8 years, and I wouldn't normally leave reviews but thought I should mention a few things I wish I had known before I bought these.

    First off they are an excellent pair of headphones for music, and it's a joy to use them with Spotify on iPhone, especially when you can use the EQ on Spotify mobile to tailor the sound to what you like. Very comfortable and it's bliss being able to read or draw and listen to these. No matter how loud you set them they don't hurt your ears which is amazing.

    However, for editing video there is the often mentioned latency issue which I hoped wouldn't be as bad as some make it out to be, but it is, and basically when using Bluetooth the audio is late by about 10 frames or just under half a second, enough to make talking look out of sync, and when constantly hitting space to start and stop playback the late start and stop can be really irritating.

    The thing is, you plug them in with the line in cable and it switches over to that circuitry and it's back to being perfectly in sync (and still has excellent sound). Try a sound syncing video on youtube to notice the difference.

    Problem is now though that the wire is only the right length for your pocket and not to reach around the back of an iMac, so will have to sort a longer one but really hoped I was going to be able to go wireless while editing and be connected to my phone at the same time. Also the bigger issue when plugged in is none of the buttons work (maybe they will after a firmware update?) so noise cancellation is always on high and the volume adjustments don't work.

    Also, you have to manually select the Bluetooth headphones in Premiere Pro settings as an output device otherwise it plays through mac speakers. If you disconnect the headphones or edit out loud for a while, you'll have to adjust the output device settings again.

    Also, there is no EQ for Spotify on mac, which isn't too much of a problem as music still sounds excellent without it, but if you do install one like maceq2 then that increases the delay to about 12 frames. Watching Netflix with this level of delay is not really possible.

    ALSO, when scrolling on facebook or twitter when listening connected via bluetooh, every time you scroll past a video on the timeline, even though the video is already muted, there is a tiny crack/skip in the music for a fraction of a second, but you can hear it. Alsmost like the audio gets confused on the source for a split moment then continues playing. Really annoying considering how many videos you can end up scrolling past on a single timeline check.

    Overall it's a little bit disappointing to pay so much for something that ends up giving you more hassle through clicking, settings and wires in and out, you want things that just work so you can focus on the content, but I'm hoping that there will be enough trains and plane rides made easier to justify the price point.

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    Extremely comfortable

    • Written by James S from Calgary

    I ultimately went with Bose QC 35 II's from the Apple Store as I found even after 6+ hr sessions, they always felt good and never applied too much pressure to my head. I've found some other really nice headphones clamped on my head too much and gave me headaches, but no the QC 35 II's. I've now had my QC 35 II's for about 14 months. So here are my thoughts after that long. I wish the QC 35 II's used Apple's Wireless chip, as I've found the bluetooth pairing of the QC 35 II's to be a bit awkward, specifically when two devices are connected, I've had sound popping and dysfunctional until I disconnect one of the two devices (this can happen even if only one device is sending sound). I've also found the QC 35 II's CAN be used as a headset for phone calls, but it's not really meant for this and is garbage at it. Nevertheless, the comfort is extreme, the ANC works very well and I would recommend these, especially if you need to block out the world and get some work done. Just beware, ANC is not perfect. It cannot block all types of sounds. But it is helpful and if you don't like it, you can turn it down, or off.

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    Best Headphones Ever

    • Written by Wade V from Atlanta

    I got these headphone by using my Christmas money and it was well worth the cost. The battery lasts for a longtime and I can even make the headphones last a week without a charge. They are very comfortable and I could wear them for a couple hours without them irritating my head like other head phones. Also, the bluetooth range is great, I could walk around my house without having my phone on me and I I would still get a great connection. The noise cancellation on these headphones are great, especially when I am studying. The fit around the ears are wonderful and these head phones won't come off without a pull. I have had other great headphones like Beats and Sonys, but this one tops them all.

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    OK but Beats Studio 3 are better

    • Written by PHILIP S from MCALLEN

    The sound is good unless you own the Beats Studio3 which has better bass and a better and louder volume

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