• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth it and strong!

    • Written by Jonathan K from LITTLE ROCK

    I did a lot of research comparing selfie sticks. After getting tired of asking random people to trust with my phone and take a pic that normally came out bad, especially during the holidays, I decided why not. At $70 it’s pricey. But it’s sturdy! This thing is a beast. I’ve used it as a tripod and selfie stick. It’s awesome. Not bulky, I can literally fit it in my diaper bag, backpack, and even my back pocket. This is way better than the cliquefie, bc on the max, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the remote. It slides right into the stick. I use my watch as well to snap photos or set the timer. I do have to take my case off but I have a wallet speck case which is thicker than most. A normal case and you’ll be fine but once my phone is in there, it’s not going anywhere

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Ambitious design, premier packaging = Worst product

    • Written by Avinash R from Cupertino

    This product would be a shame to be sold on apple store. It is by far the worst selfie stick I have used. Even the dollar store $5 selfie stick holds up better. Here are the problems.
    1. The locking mechanism is not smooth and easy.
    2. Even though the lock folds up, after using it multiple times, it just doesn't go all the way. There is a slight gap.
    3. The phone when locked in place rests without bending only in one position which is 90 degrees to the rod itself.
    4. The band provided to lock the phone in place is a dust magnet.
    5. The bluetooth probably connected once and never did afterward the first time. On a vacation when you have that moment to take a selfie and keep clicking, it stops working.
    Working with the company to return the product back.

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