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    • Written by Neil H from DEREHAM

    Apples white plastic is, and has always been prone to scratch’s. sad fact of life.

    With my generation 1 AirPods I decided to embrace this inevitability and not buy a case. When I ordered my second gen AirPods I got then engraved, but decided to buy this case to ‘protect’ them.

    After three weeks, I removed the case, as I do with all my Apple products for a clean, only to discover a myriad of deep scratches on the case to my AirPods. While I expected this to a degree, what I did not expect is 1 - the number of scratches the case left behind. 2 - the severity of those scratches! Seriously, deep marks in the white plastic.

    I genuinely wish I had not bothered with a case if the first place! TERRIBLE product.

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