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    • Written by Robby S from Baltimore

    Purchased Incase sling packs in the past and really enjoy their high quality workmanship & very long-term durability. I figured that these AirPods cases would follow suit. And.....THEY DO, without question. Easy-peasy to install, feel great, look great & especially important, keep the shiny, slippery Apple AirPods in their original white case from accidentally slipping out of one's pocket. DOES NOT attract dust, pet hair, or lint as the previous fellow reviewer indicated. Picked up the Cobalt model today and am immediately sold on it. OK. OK. OK. They're not really all that inexpensive, I realize. Yet, let me pose this question: Is not $30 a great price & value to protect long-term the Apple AirPods in which one has ALREADY invested $150? So...GO GET THIS CASE, ALREADY & find a way to recycle that silly silicon one! You'll thank yourself, Apple & Incase for doing so! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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    Just What I Have been Looking For

    • Written by Herbert P from Beaconsfield

    This case does the perfect job for me. It protects my AirPods in my pocket with keys etc, while not being difficult to open. The LED is visible and the button on the back works in the case, and you can charge wirelessly in the case. And it looks really good.

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    The Perfect AirPods Case

    • Written by Todd M from Gladstone

    This is the perfect case for me. Unlike silicone cases, it is not difficult to get out of a tight pocket, and it does not collect lint. The unique flat-back design enables wireless charging, and the tiny charging LED light shows through the front.

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