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    Cycle your Battery

    If you follow the instuctions in the manual, and cycle your battery once a week. You can get about 4 to 5 hrs of battery life out of your mac book pro. i tried cycleing the battery and it really works and restores the batteries life. But the key is you have to do it once a week.

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    Dead, dead, dead battery !!! :-(

    I bought my MacBook Pro on August 2006 and my battery crashed on November 15th. I like very much my MacBook Pro but the battery is a disaster...

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    Battery gets very, very hot, in my opinion, but great battery life so far

    I think the battery life is pretty good on the MacBook Pro. I was on a three-hour flight the other day and my Mac battery died right before landing. Other PC users around me had to shut down because of battery issues 45 minutes before. After the flight, I actually had one business person ask me what kind of computer I have and questions about the battery b/c he couldn't believe it lasted so long.
    However, in my opinion, this battery gets extremely hot and more so than any PC that I have worked on or the PowerBook I had until I upgraded to this one. So, be sure to wear pants or use a pillow if you're going to use your laptop in your lap!
    The design is great for the MacBook Pro and so is the battery, I just wish they would've used a larger fan in the MacBook so it would keep this thing cool. I think it's more a flaw of the computer design and less of the battery, though.

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    Batteries stinks!!!

    I bought my MacBook Pro 3 months ago and everything was fine until a few weeks when my computer started to shut down without any advertisement. Right now I can not work on my mac if it is not connected to electricity power. I thik that Apple should be aware of the problem and replace all this kind of batteries.

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    Failing battery also

    this is ridiculous my mac book pro cost me just under £2,000 in april 06
    and now i cannot work without the Ac plug in
    and £100 for a new battery sort it out apple

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    Poor quality.

    I bought a MacBook pro six months ago in July 2006, the battery life decreased to about 1.5 hours life after a full charge after 70 cycles (Apple's support site claims that the batterys are designed to retain 80% of their original charge after 300 cycles). The MacBook also started to shut-off power completely without warning (loosing any unsaved work). After 85 "cycles" the battery started getting extremely hot, warped, and now does not hold any charge at all.

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    Cycling works well.. Try it!!

    I use istat pro to monitor battery health. My battery was down to 52% health and holding a noticeably limited charge. I never bothered with full cycling.

    After cycling the battery several times over the last week, I'm back up to 86% health and the longevity is once again very good. According to istat pro my battery has 308 charges on it, and it is still going strong.

    I've never experienced the hot battery some are talking about. Is this the battery or the computer getting hot? Under prolonged heavy loads (use Activity Monitor to view processor load in your dock) the cpu does get hot and the fans will come up to speed. istat pro can show you the speed if you want.

    How can I cycle?

    Fully charge and discharge your battery, no software required. This is easy, just charge it until it is fully charged (the light on the power cord turns green), then unplug it and use it on battery power until it automatically turns off. Do this several time.

    You will be happy with the results.

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    Not impressive

    My MacBook Pro developed the sudden shutdown issue after about 14 months. I cycled the battery frequently and generally took good care. It's life was never the advertised 5 hours, not even close. Swapping out the battery with a friend's solved the sudden shutdown issue, so clearly the battery is the problem. Given the very large numbers of people who have had this issue (google: sudden shutdown macbook) on several different Macs, I'm really disappointed Apple hasn't done anything. I'll never to switch to Windows, but I feel shabbily treated by Apple.

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    Great for a few months...

    I bought my MacBook Pro Feb. 08' and the battery will no longer hold a charge for more than an hour, even though all I am doing is using Pages... Now I am replacing my battery because one hour of typing is unacceptable. I think Apple should seriously start addressing this issue..e.g. make longer lasting batteries for older model macs instead of just making "longer lasting" batteries for the newer models.. Quite frankly I am fed up with my computers battery life. I absolutely hate that my computer just shuts off without warning! I have lost many hours of my work due to the short battery life.

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    After only owning my macbrook pro for a 18 months this battery is a now a desktop weight. It charges to 100% then causes the computer to just randomly shut down at 60% power. Apple refuses to fix this product or stand by it by recalling these treacherous batteries. If you want a real battery that will last you go to fastmac's website. And no this is not some add from this company. I am just a small time person telling the truth.

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    Absolutely worthless. Not becoming of Mac at all.

    I had my macbook pro for about a year and the computer just starts dying at 80% power. No "low battery" warnings no flashing lights or alarms, it just turns off immediately without even saying it's shutting down. And to top it all off, tech support tells me it's my fault and I have to buy another one. I checked the terms and conditions for the protection plan and it said it doesn't cover batteries unless there's a flaw in the craftsmanship. This about as flawed as it gets. They need to do a recall on these things. This is a disgrace and we're being taken advantage of.

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    Miserable Battery! Make it right, Apple!

    I wouldn't bother adding my voice to the choir if I weren't so upset, like everyone else here, at my MacBook Pro battery's sudden death syndrome. Barely a year old, my battery lasts 5-10 minutes after being plugged in for days. Apple makes great products--we probably all agree or we wouldn't be singing our complaints--but this is criminally bad: for the environment (I'll have to throw away or "recycle" my worthless battery), for the consumer (we waste valuable time and money thinking about and correcting these problems), and for Apple's soul.

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    Bad battery life

    I am on my second MBP battery after my first one gave out after 3 months. I have had this one 9 months. I have had 96 recharging cycles, and Apple says it should be good for 350. It only holds battery power for about 20 minutes, even after a full charge. Now I have to spend another $129 on a new battery--which better last longer! C'mon, Apple! Get your batteries to work!

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    This is the third battery I have had to buy for my MacBook Pro. The second one lasted one year and now only keeps a charge for about a half hour. This is ridiculous. Love the MacBook Pro but the battery stinks. I tell everyone that "Yes, Macs are more expensive because they are better!" Can't say that about their batteries.

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    I would give it 0 stars if I could!

    This is the worst battery I've ever had. I've had my laptop for 3 years now and had to replace the battery 2-3 times/year that I've owned it. I love my computer, now if Apple could just get a decent battery to go along with it!

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    Why do Mac batteries have to stink!

    I am about to buy the third battery for my less-than-two-year-old 15" MacBook Pro. This is unacceptable. Plus, all three previous laptops that I have owned have been subject to battery recalls. I have owned Macs all my life and owned one of the first 1000 production models of the original Mac. Steve, you should stop licking your screens and start worrying about your hardware a bit more. Why did I have to put up with a G3 Titanium that gave me lap-burn? Why do the letters on the keyboards come off within a few months? And - most of all - why do your batteries stink They wouldn´t let me say s--k) Very liberal Apple!

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    I've had my macbook pro for over a year now. The battery used to last for about 4 hours. Now, for no apparent reason, the battery is at 20% health and I get MAYBE 45 minutes out of it on the lowest brightness, airport turned off, etc.. Of course I'm not covered by AppleCare anymore either. Apple needs to recall these batteries, because it simply isn't fair to its customers.

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    Instant Death

    Had current laptop battery for 1 year. I use the application MiniBatteryLogger to keep track of battery events and health. One day I have a Max Capacity of 5357 mAh (97% of original capacity of 5500 mAh). Two days later I have a max Capacity of 762 mAh (13%) and my laptop won't stay on for more than 20 minutes. These batteries blow. Having to calibrate the battery once a month or maitaining a charge between 40-60% is weak. The end user shouldn't have to just through all these hoops to get reasonable battery life. And then charging $129 for a replacement battery is a straight jack move!!

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    Really bad component of an otherwise lovely computer

    I own my MBP since November 2007 and I've been enjoying almost every moment with it since then. But the battery quality is really disappointing and it affects the overall experience in a very negative way.
    After less than two year of use and around 70 cycles (with careful real-world use and calibration every couple of months) the capacity has dropped below 50%, the percentage meter behaves erratically (indicated charge level drops down in quick and unpredictable steps without any change to the computer usage parameters) and, most important, the computer can shut down unexpectedly, without any warning and with battery charge above 20%.
    The battery is a vital component of any portable device. I'm using my computer professionally, often in environments where electricity is not available. I can't accept this kind of performance from a computer at this price (and quality) level.
    I want to buy a new battery, which is not cheap in any case, and I keep reading reviews mentioning that new batteries also show the same behaviour after a little while.
    Apple, why you ruin your customer experience and trust with such a poor product?

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    This Battery is Garbage

    I hate this battery. It worked fine for a while but now is garbage. Under 300 cycles and it will just shut of at like 40% charge. Also it only runs for about 1 hour now and then is dead. I tried cycling and everything. Also I took it to Apple tech and they told me it was my fault. They then proceeded to tell me how to care for a rechargeable battery and surprise i had done everything they suggested. When i told them that they were dumbfounded. Just frustrates me that it is garbage.

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