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    2yr old Battery - Bulging and Useless

    Not impressed.

    Have an early 2008 MacBook Pro which I bought new from Apple. The battery lasted over 6 years. Got a replacement battery from Apple and it has lasted two years and is now bulging and useless. The computer has only had light use during the last two years so this should never happen. It should be a warranty issue where Apple replace them at no cost, but I have a terrible feeling it won't be.

    Common on Apple, you need to sort this out. Very poor performance for an Apple OEM product. For those of us who have batteries that end up bulging, it is simply dangerous.

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    Apple Battery - Lasted only 89 cycles

    What other company can have such loyal fans, besides a sports team that always loses, and spend so much on a battery
    that dies after only 89 cycles. Thanks for helping me kick my Mac addiction.

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    dint last a zip!

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    Can't say I wasn't warned

    A little over a year ago I needed a new battery and had a bit of a dilemma. I had read the reviews here and decided to look around at third party options, however the reviews for those seemed to be just as bad and I figured at least if I bought the genuine article I would have some decent recourse. Well just after the warranty expired the battery conked out completely after only 63 cycles. This time I have gone for a third party battery for half the price and a 50% longer warranty.

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    Just a little comparison info.

    I got my Macbook Pro 15" in Spring 2011. I do a lot of video editing etc with it, as well as games, etc. The reason I'm writing this is to give someone you an idea how how poorly/well you treated your computer, or to compare your battery life with mine.

    After almost four years a consistent use, I'm at 752 cycles and a full charge is at 5449 mAh out of 5400. When I play games/edit, it's plugged in for hours. I've let it die from power countless times, and as I've read thats not good for the battery. Of course, after years of use the battery is bound to hold less of a charge, but I cringe at the thought of what some of you are doing with your computers.

    I would go into detail of what you should do, but its common sense. I don't think Apple's complaining though, as they've made tons of money off a product that lasts if you use it right.

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    horrible product

    I bought a new replacement battery for my MBP in late October 2013. It is now early December 2014 and the battery is totally gone! £110 down the pan... I wish I could say that this wasn't the case but this is the THIRD replacement battery for my MBP.

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    It's OK, don't expect too much

    I certainly don't get three hours out of a charge, but it's a lot better than the five minutes I was getting from my old battery.

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    Great battery

    Bought my MBP in 2007 and my original battery just failed. That's 7.5 years on one battery. And I was occasionally abusive by leaving it plugged in too long. I am buying another (1st replacement) now. Hope this one lasts half as long.

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    On my FOURTH battery.

    I don't know what it is, but every replacement battery I have bought for my macbook pro does not seem to last anywhere near as long as my original battery. In the past year I've had to buy two and this last battery failed after a month. The second battery I had expanded and almost blew up, the metal area completely separated. That has to be dangerous. I called after this last battery failed after a month and apple said there was nothing they could do for me and that I needed to buy a new one, again. Frustrated is an understatement.

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    3rd Battery in a row -_-

    I've had my MacBook Pro since April of 2008. It's the best computer I've ever owned, but I cannot say that about the battery. I'm on my third battery for this machine. I maintain them and calibrate properly, but I've never had one last more than 18 months. I boot up today to see the 'Service Battery' message again. I guess it's time for battery 4 or maybe a new machine at this point. -_-

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    I've had my 15" Macbook Pro since 2007. Just hit 7 Years and I am in the process of purchasing a 3rd battery. On average, the charge would last 2-3 hrs when in use. Very poor stamina for such an expensive battery.

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    STOP CRYING! - Learn how to properly use/charge your MBP/MBA

    Ok after reading all of these reviews... I decided to check my battery life after it having said replace soon. I got my MBP over 3 years ago and am looking to replace my battery for the first time. I'm at 1406 cycles and I still get a good 2-3 hours of battery life out of it. LEARN HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR LAPTOP! Stop using full screen brightness, don't leave it plugged in at full battery life, and stop complaining about malfunctions when in all reality you have no idea how to take care of your macbook. Stop being so cynical/ignorant and go to an Apple store and get a 1+ year warranty. You're complaining about $129 battery when you have a MBP/MBA - just stop.

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    Battery DOA - 0% - Will Not Charge

    I ordered a new 15" MacBook Pro battery to replace an old battery which had 500 cycles on it and was no longer lasting as long as desired.

    The new battery arrived and was well packaged in the standard elegant Apple packaging. I observed no damage to the packaging. I thought it odd that no LEDs lit on the back of the battery when I pushed the power test button on the battery, but I pulled the protective plastic from it and installed it in the MacBook Pro anyway.

    On boot the battery was showing 0% charge with 0 cycles counts, 0 mA and 6250 mV. I left it plugged in for a while, but it never budged from the 0% charge. I unplugged my laptop, removed it and reinstalled it a few times thinking perhaps the battery contacts weren't contacting well, but it made no difference. Now I'll be making a trip to an Apple store to exchange it; at least I've got one relatively nearby or I'd have to mail it back to be exchanged. I should take my laptop with me so I can test my exchange battery in the store to ensure it works before I leave.

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    No Complaints

    I have a macbook pro 15" early 2008. My original battery finally died after 6 years. I can honestly say that I probably abused the battery by using it mostly plugged in and from what I have been reading about battery care and proper cycling, it should have died long ago. Reading all of the complaints is definitely making me wonder how long a new one will last. It does run hot.

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    Possibly the worst spend of money ever?

    Given Apple's usual attention to detail these batteries are possibly the greatest oversight in their product range. They are useless. I'm on my second (both bought in store), and the latest one won't charge at all (sat at 0%) after just under 2 years. At least the first two (the original and first replacement) made 3 years a piece, but they seem to be getting worse. A friend bought a copy battery off of one of the large 'auction' sites (which I berated him for!) and his has outlasted mine which about sums up the ownership experience, whose laughing now?!. Given my latest gen MBP 13" battery is asonishingly good I just don't get what the score is with these units, but they should by now be about £50 each rather than >£100 each given the woeful lifetime and performance vs. newer kit. Shame on you Apple, an absolutely terrible product, I won't buy another out of principle, so it's AC cord from now on.

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    Just terrible!

    Don't even bothering getting this one and also don't even think that £109 price tag suggests that it is top quality battery. Far from it!

    Bought this battery from Apple store. 2 1/2 years later and only 155 charge cycle, I got 'Service Battery' warning! Apple support said you have to baby-sit and bottle-fed this battery to ensure that this very, very fragile battery has a good life! Unlike the cheap PC laptop batteries that were abused yet last very well??!

    Just stay away from it and you couldn't go much wrong with buying a cheap 3rd party battery.

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    Why do Apple batteries create a confined negative pressure?

    A "confined negative pressure" is what happens with a straw, but Apple's forum police will remove that word... Regardless, I'm am buying battery number three or four for my MBP. I can see replacing batteries as they are pretty much a consumable. But when the battery kills itself so it won't even hold a charge long enough to replace the power cord that you accidentally pulled out, something is wrong. And the replacement battery is $129, give us a break. Either make the battery worth $129 or drop the price.

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    Hey Apple!! You build the BEST laptops, but your Batteries... Not so much!

    You would think that in this day and age, where we can send rovers to Mars that last months on their batteries, that APPLE could find someone that has a battery that will last more than FOUR hours!!! Come on Apple... Kick your design engineers in their butts, and tell them to give your customers the best battery for a laptop on the market!!!

    Enough is enough already, the technology for batteries is out there, don't make us send you links to them!!

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    Over priced, for little life.

    I'm disappointed at the price of the replacement battery. I have done the cycling that is recommend for the battery ( fully charged, let it run till dead).Apple should address the issue that loyal customers should get a newer style battery, that hold longer charge. I'd be fine paying for a battery that will work longer in the day.

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    Only lasted 4 months

    Over the years I have bought several $130 batteries for my 2007 macbook pro. Normally each one only lasts a year or less and NEVER holds a charge for more than 2 hours, even with minimal use. My most recently purchased battery only lasted 4 MONTHS before it would no longer hold a charge and informed me that it needs to be replaced!!! How long will it take apple to make a decent battery? They probably already have the technology for it but like to take advantage of us more than once a year for another $130.

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