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    Beating a dead horse

    I recently purchased an iMac 27" and wanted to use my older 30" Cinema Display as a second monitor. After ready many sources I opted to buy the Mini Display Port to Dual Link DVI Adapter. Once I tried to hook this up I found there were no mini display port on the iMac. So now I suppose I must buy another adapter to hook mini display plug to firebolt? Or is there some other adapter I need to make this work? Planned obsolescence I say.

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    Expensive and Bulky

    For the price, this adapter should include a dual-link DVI cable. The adapter doesn't work properly unless you have the very latest version of the cable (with 1.03 firmware), so don't look for used cables on eBay. The adapter is bulky and requires the use of a USB port (though it does have a USB port on it). If you have a MacBook Air, and especially if you want to use an Air SuperDrive, you will have trouble connecting everything at once. This is because the SuperDrive will not work with USB hubs.

    Sadly, this is the only option available for some people depending on their display. If possible, a Mini DisplayPort or DisplayPort connection (with adapter) is a better bet for hi-res work.

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    Adapter version 1.03 bought 16/08/2011. Terrible noise interference on starting up. It is necessary to drop resolution to 1920 x 1080. Then back up to 2560 x 1440. Works fine until next reboot. Mac mini -> Dell U2711. Disgusting price for this item, even if it worked correctly.

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    Microsoft like solution

    Sure it works but instead of plugging directly into the computer now I need two adapters plus it takes up additional USB port. A major hassle not to mention that it's expensive!

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    Works, but not through an amp

    I was going to use this adaptor to send the signal through my HDMI equipped AV receiver via my 27" Core i7 iMac. This would not work and sent no signal to the TV at all, despite all my other equipment working fine through the amp, even my PC.

    It does work when connected straight to both my 42" Plasma and my 32" LCD though, so it must be some sort of handshake issue or issue with the power of the cable?

    Not particularly impressed with it overall, especially at the price Apple charges!

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    Lasted almost five months

    Worked fine with an HP LP3065 monitor, for a while. I was banging away at a document earlier this week and the screen went black. Thought I heard a very quiet 'pop' so I assumed it was the monitor. Not so. HP's trouble shooting revealed that it hadn't dropped dead. I connected the Mac to another monitor via another adapter. No problems there. Then I envisioned that call with Apple about this $99 adapter, then obviously the culprit. Is there another one you can try? Nope - this is the only $99 accessory that I have ever needed for connecting a computer to a peripheral device.

    I bought another one from Amazon. If you have a dual-link DVI monitor, you really don't have much choice but to shell out for this thing. Plugged it in (after checking one more time to see if the old one had fixed itself) and sure enough the replacement solved the problem. I called Apple then, and at least they are willing to ship a replacement, to arrive in 2-5 days. I guess I'll have a spare.

    Given the hassle I wish I'd sought an aftermarket mini-DVI compatible monitor (not that there are many of those). Apple really needs to examine its perspective on video ports. If the designers are going to demand an adapter, and Apple is going to charge a whopping premium for it, it should at least be a quality product.

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    Don'y buy to use in mirror mode!

    Buyers Beware!! Just bought this to use between a new 2010 13" MacBook Pro and a 2005 20" Cinema Display with a view to using it in 'mirror' mode - ie mirroring what's on the laptop to the larger screen, while leaving the laptop idle. Apparently it only works at the same res as the laptop - 1280 x 800 which is absolute pants on the big screen. Only buy this if you intend to use your second screen as extra real estate!

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    Needs fixing still

    I'm onto my 2nd adapter now and still getting issues with it. I have done the usual trick of plugging the USB into an iPhone wall charger. I am getting the horizontal flickers across black screens, strange distortion from sleep and occasionally it will flick on and off quickly. I am also on the latest firmware (1.02). If you are thinking about this adapter, I'd suggest waiting until it's all sorted out. Currently I wouldn't bother. From the information I've found on the internet, I gather it's an issue with software as the adapter works fine on bootcamp. Hopefully Apple are working on a software update to fix these issues.

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    How to run with Dell 30"

    The is a comment from a gentleman in this thread that mentions the USB connection. That is the key. I have a 3 year old Dell 30" monitor that would not work with the adapter. I have noticed that none of these laptops have enough juice to power the USB devices on a chain of hard drives, etc. So I had purchased an AC adapter powered Tripplite USB hub. When I plug the USB cable from the Apple dual link adapter to the powered hub the adapter works fine so far.

    Summary: If you want it to work you need an AC adapter powered USB hub or similar device.


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    Dual-Link DVI Adapter with Nov 2009 iMac and NEC MultiSync 3090WQXi

    The Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter rates 5 stars for driving the NEC MultiSync LCD3090WQXi 30" monitor at 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution from my Late 2009 iMac. The problem is that I cannot calibrate the monitor color using NEC's SpectraView II software and the Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter. It appears that the Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter hardware and/or OS X software drivers do not provide for proper communication between the SpectraView calibration software and the display's internal processor. I have to remove the Dual-Link Adapter, install the Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter (Single-Link), and calibrate the monitor at a 1600 by 1200 pixel resolution. I then have to reinstall the Dual-Link DVI Adapter to get the 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution.

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    Intermittent horizontal lines, snow, noise on black...

    ... just like so many others are experiencing.

    Other issue is that waking up the MacBook 17" from sleep will result in the 30 inch Cinema Display to wake up first, causing that monitor to be the default controller/finder monitor (#1).

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    Occasional flickering

    I'm using this product with a just-bought unibody 17" MacBookPro and a 30" Apple CinemaDisplay, and whilst it generally works ok, every 15-20 minutes it flickers (to black for half a second, then back on).

    It's annoying rather than catastrophic, but I have no other option for connecting my screen to my laptop as far as I know.


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    Works most of the time.

    Apple 30" Cinema Display, Macbook 13" unibody 2.4Ghz, 4GB mem

    I experience flickers (so far only right after the computer starts up), inserted DVD, DVD player automatically opened and full-screen, just got black screen, everything besides the mouse cursor became unresponsive. Had to power-off via holding power button.

    Its just doesn't seem stable, but what choice do I have if I only have a MB and want to use my 30" display (used to have a PowerMac G5, but sold it)

    Hopefully this is something Apple could address in the future with a software/driver update.

    $99 to use my $1600 laptop with my $1800 display. A complete rip off. I might possibly have been able to overlook the $99 if it worked perfectly without problems, but that is certainly not the situation here.

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    DisplayPort Adapter (or Nvidia driver) Freezes/hangs macbook or causes snow

    I, like many here, am having problems where one of these behaviors occur when I connect the DisplayPort adapter:
    - There's snow on my external display (Samsung SyncMaster242MP)
    - The external display blinks on then off.
    - After returning from display sleep, the monitor continues to display nothing (black).
    - The MacBook hangs when removing the adapter and then plugging it back in. But not every time I do this. And I'm usually doing this to get the MacBook to re-detect the display due to one of the aforementioned issues.

    There was mention of an Apple update to the MacBook Pro Nvidia drivers that occurred in late January. That update has since been removed by Apple from their support site.

    I'm giving the adapter a two star rating because it does work, for as long as I keep the MBP from not sleeping the display, once I convince the MBP that there is a display attached and it syncs up without snow.

    Soooo...I'm anxiously awaiting news from Apple in some form (support KB, new driver, new adapter, anything!).

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    Working fine after 3 days...

    I have no doubt there are significant issues with some or most of these adapters, but unfortunately it is the only way to hook a new MacBook / MacBook Pro up to a 30" monitor; anyone who has such a display is unlikely to give it up.

    I bought one of these from the local Apple store, and tested it in the store with a Macbook Air + a 30" cinema display they had there - worked fine. After 3 days of 8+ hr/day use with a MacBookPro purchased in Early Jan connected to a Dell 3008WFP it is just fine - display rock steady, no issues whatsoever. The MacBook is plugged in (powered), one of the MacBook's 2 USB ports powers the adapter, the other goes to the USB hub located in the monitor. Energy saver is set to "better battery life" (ie 9400M); haven't bothered to enable the 9600.

    Yes, this is far too expensive, large, and generally a ridiculous solution - particularly compared with the direct-connect dual-link DVI on the previous generation. And yes, why is there not a mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable available, 4+ months after the product introduction? However, the particular unit I appear to have works just fine. If you really need one of these things, perhaps you can get lucky and wind up with an operational unit as well.

    Otherwise, sticking with a previous-generation MacBook with a more immediately useful display connector, or perhaps a different brand of laptop all together would serve as a better solution.

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    You're joking me? $100 for an adapter for a perfectly good working and relevant 30" ACD monitor??!

    Not to mention i cant use the firewire on the back of the ACD. and it barely works most of the time which is just the kicker.

    I mean, its not that hard to create something that looks simple and elegant, but put some craftsmanship and quality into it really!

    You have access to a multitude of Apple products in your factory, do a bit more grindstone testing before we pay the burden of failed products that dont get the quality assurance customers that are willing to pay for apples premium.

    Good luck next time.

    (dont get me wrong im not here to bash Apple at all, I'm just reluctant with all these quiet changes and no realization that customers are offered standards and are now being kicked high to adapt or get nothing)

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