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    Late 2012 iMac bootcamp for gaming setup

    I use this cord to connect to a 144hz monitor I got for gaming on my iMac 2012 because I got tired of the constant screen tearing with ALL my games I played on the native monitor. I thought that this would be a good compromise because I wanted to get a second monitor anyway for things like watching 1080p videos in native quality or reading articles without having to squint. The primary purpose of getting this monitor was to play games at a higher refresh rate though because the iMac is limited to like 59 hz or 60 hz (which caused the tearing). This adapter has pretty much completely eliminated that screen learning problem and I can play games at higher frame rates and settings as a result. It does have some caveats though. The snow problem mentioned is very irritating but it seems to ONLY happen in the mac partition. It is corrected by unplugging and replugging the mini display plug for me. The other issue is that it is limited to 120 hz gaming, so I can't take advantage of the full 144 hz my monitor can dish out. When I try to set it at 144, it freaks out and goes to black for extended periods of time before defaulting back to 120. Expensive is the last con, as I would have given 5 stars easy even with the other problems if this had been $50. I would say do your research, make sure you know WHY you should or even need to buy this before getting it. This is a good solution for me though because I can play games at 1080p without stressing my iMac to pieces, and get 120 hz for smooth gameplay and seriously extend the life of my aging mac that can still game.

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    Works in Macmini Late 2012 with 10.9.5

    Im happy with this Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter, its working, the native resolution of my monitor is 2560x1440, and looks great!!! But the price... is expensive.

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    Works Great - Some tuning Required

    I just upgraded my PC to a MSI 7970 Video card and discovered to my dismay that it required a Dual DVI to Mini DP Adapter to push 2560x1600 resolutions to my sweet sweet 30 inch monitor. After reading the problems on these forums, I still felt that the device should work as advertised, so I gave it a shot.

    To my dismay, while it worked perfectly I do experience the distorted screen as many people have reported.

    However, after giving it some thought, and watching it's behavior for some time, I realized that the distortion only occurred everytime I left the room for extended periods. The only thing that kicks in at that time (Over an hour) was my power saving mode for the screen. Since turning off Power saving mode, i'm no longer experiencing the screen distortions as reported on these forums.

    Great Product, though it is quite expensive for a simple adapter.

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    Works with DELL 3008WFP, but price is silly

    Plugged it in, selected correct source on DELL 3008WFP, worked first time and no problems yet. Not had any of the problems reported in other reviews.

    Price is steep (about £30 would have been reasonable, £69 is rip-off -- you can buy an iPod for less than that!) hence 4 stars.

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    Working with LG W3000H

    Running fine with Mac mini and LG W3000H. Was quite worried about buying this with all the negative feedback for it, I'm glad its working.
    1.02 firmware on the adaptor.
    4 Stars because of the ridiculous price for the thing.

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    Every other review i have read of this product said it was awful and didnt work so i was skeptical. I am using a 13" unibody mac book alluminium and have been using this with a 30" apple cinema display and it works PERFECTLY. I was freaking out it wouldnt work but it does all it said it would do for me. very happy .