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    Fully compatible with older MacBook Pros

    It works fine, and fits exactly the MagSafe power port on my late-2007 15-inch MacBook Pro, even though the computer was originally supplied with a "T" style MagSafe connector. Buy with confidence.

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    Stop moaning & speak to Apple

    I have had a MacBook Pro for 3 years. My MagSafe Power Adapter has just failed after being used every day. I took it into the Apple Store and asked them to test it and they confirmed it needed replacing so they gave me a new one! Why do so many Reviewers criticise products that by their very nature can go wrong sooner than they should, without telling Apple about the problem first. You talk about having to spend £60 repeatedly to replace these adapters. Firstly how well do you look after your equipment? Secondly why just buy another one and moan about having to do so without giving Apple the opportunity to put it right? I have never received anything but exceptional service from Apple. Yes things can go wrong but that is what the warranty and AppleCare is there for. Buy it and use it.
    Also this new style adapter DOES fit an older MacBook Pro without any problems at all.

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    Most definitely IS compatible with 2008 MacBook Pro

    I saw the comment by someone claiming this is not compatible with the 2008 MacBook Pro and I was cautious. I have a 2.4GHz 2008 MBP, but this PSU works perfectly without problems. Also I prefer the new design where the cable no longer sticks out to the side.

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    Much Improved

    I have been trial running this charger at work and home for two weeks now. I was a bit worried given some of the reviews here. However, I can say that so far I have been really impressed. The magnetic connection is much stronger and I have experienced less accidental 'pull outs' than before. No part of the charger heats up unlike the old one where the white 'box' used to get really hot. So far so good - hope it lasts!

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    Stylish and Practical

    Not at a right angle like before, so much more practical. Matches the aluminium of the MacBook Pro - looks amazing!

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    Charger works perfectly with the old MacBook Pro (2007) model, a little bit expensive but works nicely!

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    Replacement power adaptor works perfectly

    The original power adaptor for my 17inch MacBook Pro just died. I bought a new one from the Milton Keynes apple store. The old adaptor had the original T shaped Magsafe plug. The new one has the modern version. It fits perfectly, looks much more elegant and does the business.

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    fine product

    never had a problem, have had my macbook for over 4 years now and still going strong with the delivered power adaptor, don't see where other people have a problem with?

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Attention to detail and quality of components equals joy!

    I am struggling to comprehend the negative reviews posted for this product because as a Mac user since 2001 I have owned at least seven Apple Note Books and have never had a failed charger. I have had two friends who have had failed chargers, out of approximately one hundred friends and students using Apple Mac NoteBooks over eleven years.

    Apparently there were a few people experiencing wires coming loose from rough handling at one stage but none of my friends or students did.

    CAUTION: Interestingly, I bought a Non-Genuine charger on eBay for a friend for about one third of the Apple price but this unit failed miserably in a short time, it actually caught alight and almost burned her house down! That unit was not up to the Apple standard of beautiful fit and finish, the plastic casing was brittle and poorly finished and the cable was inflexible and annoyingly had a mind of its own, there really was no comparison.

    My Girlfriend's 13 inch MacBook charger finally blew during a recent lightning storm, it has worked around the clock every day since 2006, and to it's credit, it has been the spare charger I use when staying at her place to power my 17 inch MacBook Pro, so it even survived slaving away for years powering a much larger device than it was designed to cope with. I am buying the 85w model to charge both devices.

    I can only commend Apple for sticking to their guns, refusing to drop the quality of these chargers to race other makers to the bottom of the heap. I am spending my eighty-nine dollars with full confidence in the product and a smile on my face.

    Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the number of times, HUNDREDS, that I haven't tripped over the power cord or hurled the computer to the floor thanks to the brilliant Apple innovation called MagSafe!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    This product came with my new mbp - I changed from PC, so this is my first taste of Apple. So far, NO complaints!

    The magnet is strong and does not fall out, is difficult to accidentally dislodge, the cord is a great length and with the mains power cord alternative I have no problems getting power - at the dinner table, on the couch watching tv, or in bed where the powerpoint is on the opposite wall.

    The unit itself is sleek and stylish with two flip-out corners to wrap the 'tail' around and clip so that you don't have errant cords getting tangled.

    Could not find a single fault with this product.

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    Works great, for me anyways

    I read through a lot of the 1 star reviews, and thought I must be the luckiest person in the world. I have 6 of these power bricks of varying power, both Magsafe 1 and 2. I've only had one failure and it was my oldest adapter from 2007. That it's lasted 8 years is more than enough for me. I throw my chargers in my bag and I don't particularly baby them, sometimes I drop them when I'm conference desks so I can plug it in from below. No melting, no fraying, nothing.

    I will buy another one to replaced the failed 85W adapter, and it's the only time I needed to do so (after 8 years...!!).

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    Does the job, at a price though

    After 5 years of loyal charging, my old power adapter which came with my 2007 15" Macbook Pro finally went pop yesterday (quite literally, made me jump). Quickly bought one of these, and although the price is ludicrous, it does the job well. I know lots of people complain about fraying and poor design, but from my experience with my old charger, I have had no problems like that, despite stuffing the lead into bags and generally just throwing it around.
    The power brick seems to run cooler than my old lead which is a bonus, and the new L-shape MagSafe design is much neater than the previous T-shape design. All in all, another great product from Apple, who seem to be all too aware that people are willing to spend a fortune to keep their Macbooks charged.

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    Works Great

    I use this for my 13" Macbook; as a result of my original charger (60 watt) going out on me the day i have an online exam. I was having problems with my battery life thinking i need a new battery or mag safe replacement but those problems ceased when i bought this charger. It charges it it seems faster definitely doesn’t heat up like my last one does. awesome charger don't really understand why all the bad reviews other than it being a little pricey for a charger. Also, my last charger lasted 4 years not too shabby for how much i threw it around)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great power adapter

    Of all the laptop power adapter i have handled this has been the best one. its hard for me to say why so many people have had issues because i have had mine for 2.5 years now and haven't had one problem. maybe i will have one soon due to cable bending from putting it in and taking out of my bag. but overall i have never had any problems.

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    No problems here

    I've been using MagSafe power cords since the first model and I've never had any problems with them. I'm not sure how so many people in the reviews wreck theirs. Perhaps they should treat the cord with a little respect. The price is too high but they work as advertised.

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    Great Charger

    I have several of these chargers ( we have 4 different mac books) and they have all been great. I move around the house a lot and therefore move my charger and I must say...I'm not very graceful and have dropped it many times. It continues to work fine. Two of them I've had for almost a year and a half. I sent two out to my daughter for her older mac book who lives in another state and she has had no issues with hers. I would recommend this charger without hesitation.

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    Works great with original 17" MacBook Pro

    I have an original 17" MacBook Pro (first Intel model with the Core Duo CPU). This adapter works just as good as the original adapter. I saw someone say it wouldn't work but after the original brick killed two new batteries on me I ended up buying a new 17" MacBook Pro and tried the new brick on the old MBP and it's been working fine and NOT killing my batteries for 2 weeks now.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    works great!

    I love this power adapter in comparison to some of the other ones i had (or my wife uses for her laptop (PC)). I am actually thinking of getting another one to put in my laptop bag.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Powersafe Power Adapter backward compatible.

    My old power adapter failed and ceased providing power to my 2007 MacBook Pro. The new Powersafe Power Adapter works very well and looks great. I was worried after reading some of the cons, however I am pleased to report that the adapter is indeed backward compatible.

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    Power Safe

    Outstanding replacement, it's better than the original the only drawback is the price.

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