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    This adapter worked fine for the first few months I had it, but then it would just stop working after being plugged in for a while and the amber/green light on the charger would not be illuminated. Now it is very difficult to get it to connect properly when first connecting it, I have to jiggle it every which way to get it to finally connect. I'm also regularly using a compressed air cleaner to clean it and the other connections to get it to properly work. I use my Macbook on a desk so it's not like it's moving around a lot or at all where it might disconnect, I'd hate to see how this works when using it on your lap. I'd prefer not to have to purchase an $80 MagSafe 2 charger when this should do the job and work with my several MagSafe 1 chargers.

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    Does not immediately work when plugging in

    It takes about 3-10 connects/disconnects for this thing to light up. Quite frustrating, almost willing to just buy the MS2 because of the annoyance.

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    Reviews are true, BUT...

    I experienced the very same issues reported by many others; failing to work/charge after a few months. I tried a quick fix which was simply to first attach the adapter to my MacBook Pro Retina, THEN I would attach the cable directly to the adapter. Worked instantly with no issues. My hope is that this continues. Try it if you are struggling with yours!

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    Doesn't work

    Allows my MBP to run without using up battery but does not charge battery until I disconnect / reconnect a few times.

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    After around 1 year of usage...

    After around 1 year of usage (plugging and unplugging each day), it now takes me a couple times of attaching and detaching the converter (on both ends) to obtain proper charging (i.e. for the charge status light to turn on). I have two of these (one in office and one at home) and it's happening to both.

    Not sure if this is the result of wear & tear or some inherent design flaw but I would have expected a longer life expectancy (or reliability) on Apple products.

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    Falls off!

    It does what it is supposed to do. But it doesn't keep being attached that easily as you might would have expect. If you lift your mac, turns it a little on the table, or anything else.. it just pops right off. It's not the magnet that there is anything wrong with.. it just isn't designed to be that handy. But it works though..

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