• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Broke after <2 years normal use

    • Written by Paul M from FLORENCE

    My dock isn't white, it's aluminum. Recently I noticed after removing my phone from the dock (which it sits on all day) it wasn't fully charged. Sometimes, the lightning connector will slip between my Apple branded leather case and the phone. I figured I hadn't noticed that, though it's usually pretty obvious. The next day, I set the phone on the dock and got a call. I use a headset with a stereo jack and mic on the headset. This is the chief reason for the dock: I need to charge and talk at the same time. No one could hear me clearly. After futzing with the headset for a few moments I just turned on the speaker. After the call, figuring the headphone were at fault, I started to troubleshoot and noticed -- again -- that the charge on the phone was really low. I figured it wasn't properly seated on the connector. Nope, seated fine. I plugged the phone directly into the lightning USB cable plugged into the dock. Ping! It's charging. I checked the dock several times. Sometimes the connection was solid and charged the phone, but only about 25% of the time, and only if I'm very carefully placing the phone onto the dock. Worse, I can't even tell what I'm doing to get a solid connection. I assume nothing -- there's something internal happening that has little to do with how the phone is positioned on the connector. Very disappointed. I paid $49 for it <2 years ago. Now I cannot charge and talk at the same time.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    No Line Level Output

    • Written by Charles K from NEW YORK

    Apple has documentation that states this dock offers both Headphone AND Line Level Output. Line Level allows you to connect to a stereo bypassing the internal iPhone amp and control volume from the stereo. This function is completely unavailable and Apple Support is stating that the documentation is incorrect.

    The iPhone 5s and all previous docks offered Line Level Output, why they removed this optical is a huge blunder. Why would anyone want to have to adjust volume on 2 devices?

    No issues otherwise and it's nice that the 7 or 7 Plus fits. Fix the Line Out issue and it gets 5 stars.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Just over a year and it has failed

    • Written by Joseph H from Somerset

    One year old, used a limited amount (about 1-2x daily), and it failed. Loose connection makes my phone freak out (charge/not-charge/charge/not-charge dinging every half-second or so). Does the same on all other phones I try on it. It's stylish, heavy, expensive, and ultimately junky. Avoid this thing and find something with better reliability.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Consistently fails to charge - not recommended

    • Written by Adam P from Berlin

    All was well for a few months of normal, careful use. Now the dock consistently suffers from intermittent connection. The phone will charge for a few seconds, then stop, then reconnect, pinging every time. I can't imagine that this is good for the phone (battery at least), and syncing with the Mac is impossible.

    Reluctantly, I have to add my voice to the many negative reviews here.

    Don't buy!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Very, very fiddly.

    • Written by Mark S from London

    Using a 6/6s/7 Plus with the dock is fiddly and annoying.

    It's very difficult to align the Lightning port on the phone correctly with the Lightning spike on the dock. And it's very hard to unplug, often requiring both hands to separate the tiny, not-that-heavy base from the phone.

    It often takes 10s, sometimes longer, of angling it and scraping around trying to seat the un-flared hole, in the oh-so-smoothly rounded edge of the phone, onto the not-particularly chamfered/rounded spike. This when you just want to plug the darn thing in already. It's like they've deliberately sabotaged the experience.

    Unplugging's just as bad. The force with which the Lightning socket grips the spike is far, far greater than the weight of the base, and because the base is so small and the phone so large, it's not always possible to free the thing with just one hand. Again, it's like they've deliberately sabotaged the experience.

    Also, the force required to use the fake home button on the 7 Plus typically means the rubber-based dock still slides away from you before it registers. Again, it's like they've deliberately sabotaged the experience.

    Also, I find that the rake is insufficient. When I put the phone down at arm's reach, the screen is facing my chest. Possibly this is to avoid glare or stressing the lightning spike, which is the sole means of support, putting the weight of the Plus sized phones entirely onto a tiny sliver of somewhat-reinforced circuit-board material. Whatever, again, it's like they're deliberately sabotaging the experience.

    If the base were slightly differently shaped and had a less hard/scrapy edge, one might be able to use it to lie the phone on it's side, as a prop, to watch video. But it isn't, and it doesn't, and we can't. So, while that doesn't feel like deliberate sabotage, it feels like an obvious potential use ignored, wastefully.

    Really, Apple's current levels of design honesty seem to be falling short of their own espoused standards.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Lightweight and overpriced.

    • Written by Kevin S from London

    It does charge but it is way to light, you cannot just pick your phone up off the dock as the dock is way too light and the fitting too tight, so as long as you are prepared to hold the dock down whilst you remove it then its fine, does have audio pass through so if you want it hooked up permanently to HiFi etc its useful.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Docking Station Issues

    • Written by Matt Z from Honolulu

    I’ve had the docking station charger for my iPhone for several years and it has worked great with the various iPhones I have purchased over the years. However, this past week I got the dreaded notice that my iPhone would not work with this device. After changing out the lightning cable the iPhone still will not charge. My iPad will still charge....so whatever iOS update apple pushed rendered their own product useless. This seems to be a trend that is occurring more frequently. I wouldn’t by this product if apples own updates will make it useless in the future. Save your money to buy replacement lightning cords.

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