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    Adapter to output audio to external DAC

    • Written by Donald Y from Chestermere

    I bought this adapter to output (MQA) Master Quality Authenticated audio from the Tidal app to my Chord Mojo DAC. It works flawlessly as it outputs the digital signal over USB at 96Khz/24bit to my DAC. Awesome sound quality. I initially plugged the adapter into my iPhone 8 and the phone indicated it needed an firmware update. I responded ok to updating the firmware and it has worked fine since. The ability to charge the phone while connected and playing audio to the DAC makes it a better buy than the previous camera adapter. It is a little bit clunky in terms of size compared to the old camera adapter but I mainly use my DAC at home connected to my Hifi system so I don't really mind. I have not connected a camera to the adapter so I cannot advise on that capability, but I am pretty sure it should work as intended.

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    Does What It Says It Will Do

    • Written by Mike M from Worksop

    First off, don't treat this thing like the USB port on your main device (PC for me, you probably have an iPad) - your iPhone is unlikely to provide power to your USB headset, USB MIDI keyboard or whatever (although it depends on how much power the particular device needs). Cameras should be OK, since they get their power from their internal battery, as should a decent USB-connected device that gets its power from its own battery or an external power supply. So I tried a few combinations:

    Canon PowerShot A2100 IS Camera directly to iPhone: not only does it work (it has its own battery, of course), the iPhone automatically opens it up so I can immediately peruse the photos and videos thereon - helpful!

    MPOW USB headset directly to iPhone: iPhone message pops up, "Cannot use accessory / This accessory requires too much power".

    MPOW USB headset via a powered USB hub - worked fine (both phones & mic).

    Akai LPK25 MIDI keyboard directly to iPhone: worked fine with Garageband, including the arpeggiator.

    Akai LPK25 MIDI keyboard via a powered USB hub - again, worked fine.

    As for charging the iPhone, even with nothing plugged into the USB socket, it switches between charging and not charging every couple of seconds - and the iPhone makes a sound when it starts to charge; that can get quite irritating after a while.

    Five stars for doing exactly what it says it will do plus handling stuff via a powered USB hub, but minus a star for the charging/not-charging oddity and also for not being able to route power from a connected lightning cable plug to the USB socket.

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    Digital Audio Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital

    • Written by wave W from london

    Digital audio works connected to the Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital DAC Player.

    Compatible with iPhone 5se and 6, plus iPad 4?(last version with the original shaped body) and iPad 5. Tested. The iPad 4? updated a driver.

    Digital sound signal is automatically transmitted from lightning connector to the USB connection. Then connect the Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital DAC Player to your HIFI auxiliary.

    Connect the iPad usb power lead to the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. The iPad power adapter has more power than an iPhone adapter. This enables the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter to power the Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital DAC Player vial the USB cable. Of course you could use the power plug, however the engineer that designed the Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital DAC Player recommended using the USB to power the DAC.

    The Apple engineer asked to add this information as they were unsure if it would work.

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    Worked for me with Sony RX100

    • Written by Joern K from San Francisco

    So there are some menu settings that one has to activate for Sony cameras (at least RX100).

    Under Setup4 USB connection needs to be set to MTB, USB power supply to off.

    The USB connection setting requires CTRL with Smartphone under Network 1 to be off.

    It has video and photos in the import folder in photo. I got the power message once but just unplugging solved that.

    In a nutshell this needs to be much easier thats why I am knocking a star

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    Can't get it to work

    • Written by Cristhofer C from Stoughton

    Just purchased this to transfer some pictures from a Flashdrive and it won't load pictures..not sure if I need something else or if am doing something wrong.

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    Works Great, with One Caveat

    • Written by Richard M from Sammamish

    This product works great. I use it to attach a stereo Microphone to my phone, so I can record Stereo audio on the go. I have to dock it one star, as it refuses to support older Apple-made corded keyboards with my iPad. Had I gotten it for this purpose I would have rated it much lower. I fail to see why these Peripherals are not supported. I have even been able to use a USB splitter to use USB headphones, microphone, and keyboard all at once. I would highly recommend this product unless you plan on using it to attach an older Apple branded USB keyboard to an iOS device.

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    Power pass-through limitations

    • Written by Adam B from Royal Oak

    Regarding the power pass-through, it works with lightning cables and the Apple micro USB to lightning adapter, but *NOT* the 30 pin to lightning adapter. Just a heads up.

    USB works as advertised.

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