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    Nice looking, watchband discharges your watch in certain circumstances

    • Written by Terry D from North Bellmore

    I have child-sized wrists, 5 to 5-1/2 inches, give or take, and depending on where I decide to place the watch on my arm. I have not had a problem with arm hair since I am a woman, but I DID have 2 major problems with the magnet on the watchband:

    1. I have a 44mm watch but the band is so long it was not sufficiently tight enough all the way to the end. What they don't tell you is, the magnet on these kills your battery life if it’s too close to the face. Yup. It won’t harm the battery, but it will discharge it faster. The magnet was right next to the watch face. It was still too long and did not fit, so, I returned it and bought the 40mm version as suggested to me by an Apple person. Here’s what you don’t know: Any band will fit a 44mm watch, no matter the size. It works the other way too, btw, although, not quite as well (it sticks out beyond the watch face). So, yeah, since Apple doesn’t care that women (or kids) like large-faced watches, there is your fix. Works great, locks in and doesn’t discharge the battery life while wearing it. Which brings us to this:

    2. You cannot leave this particular watchband on and expect to charge your battery unless you have some kind of special device (like a mannequin hand with wrist) on which to place your watch with the charger attached. Or perhaps some rigid foam or something similar that keeps the magnet on the watchband away from the watch. If you do not do this, it will cause you to find a dead watch in the morning. So, I just take off one of the sides of the band off every day and make sure the magnet is placed as far away as possible from the watch face and charger.

    I did not have a problem with the watchband finish, but again, I’m not showering or swimming with it, and I find my wrists do not sweat at all with this watchband, unlike most of the others (with the obvious exception of the loops).

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    Elegant Quality

    • Written by barb J from Ladysmith

    After reviewing options for a replacement band for my series 3 gold watch, I settled on the Milanese loop. The quality of the band is excellent. The color was a bit disappointing as the band is more a bronze gold, than the series 3 gold which is more pink. The band is comfortable & lightweight. The clasp is very secure, and the 40mm band is definitely compatible with the series 3 38mm watch. Would recommend this band, even though I now have a slightly two tone gold series 3 apple watch.

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    More bronze than gold

    • Written by Bev V from West Vancouver

    Delighted with the style and function of this new strap but I wouldn't describe it as gold - more a bronze colour.