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    Love it! Slightly Different from Previous Milanese Loop Bands

    • Written by Christopher D from Cambridge

    I've had the silver Milanese loop since the first Apple Watch was released. Just upgraded to the series 4 gold with gold Milanese loop band. The color is more of a rose gold / copper, rather than a traditional gold, which I love because it is less flashy and more subtle. It's the best looking watch band I've had, and the magnetic clasp is surprisingly effective at holding the watch snug. I thought I'd have to re-tighten the band frequently throughout the day, but I don't. On rare occasions, if doing something that involves a lot of arm motion (like an aerobic workout), it might need a slight readjustment to put it back to the desired tightness.
    One key difference between the old and new Milanese loops is that, when the magnetic clasp is unattached, the strap can be pulled completely out of the opposite side. As other reviewers have mentioned, this is likely so that the watch can be laid flat on a charging mat without needing to remove the band completely. The downside to this convenience is that you want to be a little careful when completely opening the magnetic clasp so that your watch doesn't fall completely off your wrist. It's unlikely to happen even when unattached, but for those who have had the previous Milanese loops, you'll not want to be too cavalier about pulling the watch off your hand.

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    Milanese Loop Is Not Faulty

    • Written by Willie C from Kennedale

    I'm sure the new design is to accommodate compatibility with the air power charging pad and other similar charge devices. Its still the same good looking Milanese Loop.

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    Fantastic and Never Faulty! Great Buy!

    • Written by Tristan P from Singapore

    I recently got this Milanese Loop at Apple Orchard Road after a long time of Out-Of-Stock situation. I must say that this is really comfortable in my wrist. And for the record, I am using Apple Watch Series 4 GOLD Aluminum Case and it looks stunning! i did not expect that there would be no drastic two-tone mismatch between this Milanese Loop and my GOLD Aluminum Finish Apple Watch. Worth every dollar spent. I have let go of my sport bands and this becomes my everyday strap from Sports, Shower and everything.

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    Gorgeous and functional...you need to learn the "easy on/off trick" though!

    • Written by Maryann K from Millington

    I did not have the previous Milanese loop band or a Milanese loop "routine" so did not have any problem getting this one on or off safely.

    Here is the trick: TAKING OFF: Slide the adjustable band to loosen it. For me, this means adjusting it to within 3/4" to 1 1/2" from the top of the watch. (That will vary by the wearer's wrist size.) The band is still securely fastened when you slide it off your wrist. Your watch will not fall off.

    PUTTING ON: I have a lot of bands especially the elastomer sport bands which I switch out by inserting the longest piece at the bottom of the watch, then the shorter piece at the bottom. For the Milanese loop, I also START at the BOTTOM, inserting the slider, then turn the watch over to drop the loose end tab through the top slot (backside). Then I fold the tab over to secure and easily slide on the band to adjust. I adjust the band, by lifting the tab and pulling. I have had Rolex, Breitling, etc. bands a whole lot harder to adjust while on, that require me to take them off, adjust, then hope it is close to fitting. This one seems quite easy.

    LOOK and FEEL: Since I am female with no hair on my arms, there is no discomfort or pinching and this copper-bronze color (it's not a "yellow" gold.) goes with everything. I did not like the silver color as the negative spaces in the mesh look darker and the band looks dull grey to me. The "silver" band reminded me of the old Skagen watch bands that I thought looked cheap. The coppery gold band is lustrous, and softly gleaming. It has a posh, tasteful, executive look. I bought the gold watch with the stone elastomer sports band so I would have a sports band with a gold fastener to match the watch. I often use the Navy or Coral Orange sports bands too, even a Nike perforated Turquoise one. I toss a sports bank or two in a zip lock bag in my workout bag. I like zip lock bags for this so I can stash the Milanese loop in the zip lock and easily find again. I often change it out in my car or before leaving work if I am thinking ahead.

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    Beautiful addition to my S4 Stainless Steel Apple Watch

    • Written by Tracy B from Hartlepool

    I previously bought a third party version of this watch band for my Series 3 and let it go when I sold the watch. I was going to purchase it again from the 3rd party seller but, fortunately for me, it was out of stock so I took the plunge and bought this. It is a much superior product, the other used to snag my cuffs with its sharp edges but I do not have this problem with the Apple Milanese Loop. The magnet is superb, I put the watch on and don't touch it again until it's time to take it off for charging etc. When they say "you pay for what you get" it is definitely true with this and and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, oh, and it compliments my watch beautifully!

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    LOVE my stainless gold band

    • Written by Stefanie G from Saint Johns

    I got my stainless gold series 4 in November 2018 and it came with the stone color sport band. I really wanted the stainless gold band to match and I contemplated ordering elsewhere because they are much less expensive. However, I had a hard time putting my expensive watch on a cheap band so I splurged for the Apple and glad I did. I do HIIT and have worn my sport strap, but I find I sweat less in my stainless band. Worn in every day for a couple of months now. So far so good.

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    Fantastic band

    • Written by Brandon A from Columbia

    If you can deal with the price, this is an outstanding product. The quality is leaps and bounds above the cheap Milanese loop bands I've previously bough on amazon. Superior product.

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