Apps and games on TV. This is huge.

Bigger games on bigger screens. With incredible home theatre sound. The App Store on Apple TV redefines your lounge room, and new games and apps are arriving all the time. Beyond amazing games, there are completely new experiences made specifically for the lounge room — anything from booking holiday accommodation to enjoying family games night right there on your TV. Who knows what developers will create next on such a grand scale.

SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller


Save the runaway toad from the demented princess. Or sing along to your favourite songs with friends. With so many ways to play, you won’t want to turn it off.

Runaway Toad


From learning the alphabet to learning new languages, education apps on Apple TV help you transform the learning process into an immersive experience.

SolarWalk 2

Health & Fitness

Bring the gym into your lounge room. Burn calories. Tone it up. And stay active with the help of health and fitness apps on Apple TV.



Stay up to date with the latest trends in fashion. Search for holiday accommodation or recipes for your next dinner party. Whatever your passion, Apple TV has you covered.


Your remote control has never wielded so much power.

The same remote you use to watch TV can also be used to conquer alien planets or drive in the Indy 500. That’s because the Apple TV Remote doubles as a dynamic game controller, with the Touch surface acting as a virtual directional pad. It even has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope. And in case the action gets too exciting (and it will), there’s a Remote Loop, sold separately, to keep your remote tethered during gameplay.

More players for more fun.

Apple TV lets you use up to four MFi-based game controllers. So you and your friends can run, jump, shoot, kick, throw, punch or just about any other verb you can imagine.*


Developers can do even more with apps.

With many APIs available, developers have the tools to create apps that will make your TV more entertaining — and more useful — than ever. We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Learn more about tvOS

Performance. Apple TV features the powerful 64-bit A8 chip, which helps bring big, graphics-intensive games to your TV — so you can play hours and hours of incredible games with higher frame rates. The A8 chip is also designed to be power-efficient and to sustain a consistently high level of performance.

Metal raises the game. Metal is a technology that allows developers to create highly immersive apps for tvOS and iOS. It also enables them to squeeze maximum performance from the A8 chip, making your experiences on Apple TV more lifelike and exciting than ever.