Keep your class fun and engaged. And focused.

The Classroom app turns your iPad — and now your Mac — into a powerful teaching assistant. It puts you in the driver’s seat of every iPad in class, so you can guide students through lessons and keep them focused on the task at hand. Classroom also makes it easy to share information — send files to and receive from the entire class or individual students using AirDrop, or show student work on the big screen.

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Make sure everyone is on task. And on the right screen.

View any student’s iPad screen on your iPad or Mac. Classroom allows you to see every student’s screen at the same time and navigate individual students or the entire class to a web page, book, or app. You can also lock iPad into a single app or mute audio on student devices, so students stay focused.

Even if students share an iPad, they can make it their own.

Shared iPad is an iOS feature for schools that share devices and still want to provide personalized experiences. Before class begins, you can assign any iPad to any student in your classroom. Students know which devices to use because their pictures are on the Lock screens. And they can access their personal content with a password or an easy-to-remember four-digit PIN. After students log in, their homework, apps, and assignments appear exactly as they left them.

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