How far apart should a pair of home pods be, for optimum use ?

I have a small office. I have two home pods. I want to set them up as a stereo pair. Can I put then on far corners of my desk, about 5 feet apart. Or should I put them on wall shelves about 15 feet apart. The room is pretty soundproof, with sound absorbing foam behind my desk, and on 3 walls.


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  • Great question. First it depends on the size of the room and where you or your listeners are seated. For good measure homepod/homepods sound best about 5 feet away from ear distance at eye level. The HomePod itself has 7 tweeters and 1 woofer for rich full stereo sound. Connecting 2 homepods in the same room with give you a Multi stereo experience. If you really want to get creative? My suggestion is to place HomePod-1 in the left-rear corner 4-5 feet off the floor; and HomePod-2 in the right-front corner 4-5 feet off the floor. This with give you a simulated 360 degree immersion sound experience. Hope that helps, enjoy.

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  • Every room is different. I would encourage you to experiment. They will sound very good no matter where you put them, as they are very smart and adaptable to the sonic environment. But items in the room, furniture, etc. can effect balance in particular, as can factors such as your own hearing in each ear. I'd say it matters much more with a stereo pair than with one only.

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