What is the power output in Watts?

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    "The HomePod draws around 8.74 watts with 115V of line voltage during music playback at 50 percent volume" (according to iphoneincanada.ca)

    [I had edit this or apple wouldn't let me submit this answer, after .com use a / where I put each space. Link ends in .pdf]
    They got their information from here: images.apple.com environment pdf products homepod HomePod_PER_jan2018.pdf

    And for a more direct answer: A Maximum of 14 watts goes to power the speakers, It likely has some decent compactors for the sub to store up power while not used, and keep in mind this is a fairly small device (5.6in across, 6.8" high, 5.5 pounds weight).

    Many Speakers, or devices that power them, use cheap power converters, If it's only 50% efficient than half the power is lost - but for advertisement purposes it's put in the rating. The power converter on the HomePod is 90% efficient,

    It has 7 Tweeters, likely 1in or 1+1/4in so that will put out a lot of sound,

    The Bass, well if it was powered like a large high end woofer it would jump of the table or onto its side and roll around...

    It supposedly has one of the longest throw debts of a woofer it's size..

    Personal Experience of mine that may be relevant:
    [Long ago I had a dual 6" long-throw woofer, Long-through. 6" normally can't make much Bass no matter the size but this made ever window shake in a fairly big, new 6-bedroom/3-bath house. A friend had a woofer that didn't vibrate with the power, but sounded the same, maybe like it had a little more bass. It had a toob chamber with no air holes enclosure, This design looks like a tabletop miniature combination of both those features, So it likely does a decent job of creating the lower-frequency's that you can actually hear. From What I've read from reviewers overall this sounds better than anything else it's size].

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