Are the OLED screens in the x-generation of the iphones more dimmable than the LCD screens in the other iphone generations + iphone xr?

I currently have an iphone 6s Plus and I am looking to get a new iphone. One thing I would really like to know, which actually affects my life a good bit, is how dark the screen can get on the generations with LCD screens vs the ones with OLED screens. I tend to stay awake on my phone in bed for 1-2 hours every night. My wife always complains about how much my phone lights up the room (and thus disturbs her getting to sleep) despite the fact that I decrease the brightness as much as possible (I will even decrease the white point too, which only helps slightly). Because the max brightness of LCD screens is higher than OLED screens, I was wondering if the minimum brightness on OLED screens was lower than the LCD screens??? The answer to this will probably make the difference between me choosing to get an XR or an X or XS.

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    I currently have the iPhone XS and the screen dims very nicely and should not bother you and your wife.

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