what does the message on my Iphone "no sim card" mean

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  • Your phone may have been shocked/loosened by 1 too many drops (even with a case). It momentarily notifies you that the sim card may have slid out or jiggled out of it’s proper position in the sim card slot. Mine has been doing this frequently these past few weeks. I got this answer from the employee at my phone retail store.

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  • The message "no sim" or "no sim card" means that your iPhone does not have a sim card inside. You can order a sim card through your phone carrier or you can take your old sim card out your old phone and plop it into your new one.

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    1 of 4 scenarios are the most common, however all have a commonality of the device being unable to authenticate with the sim card.

    #1 The Sim Card Inserted is damaged or corrupted in some way. This is the case if you attempted to move the sim from carrier type to another carrier type. IE: Even though Verizon and Sprint use Sim Cards doesn't mean you can put the sim in a TMobile phone or vise versa. The sims are still carrier specific.

    #2 The Sim Card was not properly obtained from an approved vendor or the Sim is has locks or restrictions limiting use to a subset of devices.

    #3 Sim cards may only be inserted/removed with the device powered off if it was not done the sim may not have read the insertion or may have incomplete data as a result of not being removed in a powered off state.

    #4 If the device or sim are previously used ensure that the contacts on the sim card are "bright and shiny" no dirt or other form of tarnish. Also ensure that the sim card is not visibly damaged from the outside and the contacts have clear separate contact points. Ensure the sim is being put in the correct direction and is fully seated without any portion of the card extending beyond the phone case. If any portion of the sim extends beyond the case remove the sim, verify you are inserting it correctly and that you have removed any dirt, dust, or debris from the sim card slot. The device the Sim is to be inserted should always be powered off before insertion. Use canned air to blow out any accumulated dust or particles from the sim slot.

    If after a 2nd attempt the card still does not fully seat and you have verified it is being properly inserted in the phone DO NOT POWER THE PHONE ON. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FORCE THE CARD TO BE FULLY SEATED. Take it to a service center or apple store for assistance.

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  • it means you don't have a service sim card

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