Will the AirPods work with IPhone 6s? or Only with the new IPhone 7?

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  • I have the 6s and they work perfectly

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  • Both

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  • Apparently. Yes I am going to say after seeing reviews and unboxings from YouTube from tech pros. There may be a factor that you would have to go to Bluetooth settings to connect itself if you don't have an iPhone 7. I only think. Hopefully it because I have a 6s and just ordered a pair of AirPods

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  • Hi

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  • with IPhone 6s

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  • Both

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  • ID

    Apple Responds

    The AirPods will work with all BlueTooth enabled iPhones it will be compatible with the 6S and the iphone 7 Model.

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  • Gj

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  • While Apple claims that AirPods will work with iPhone 6s, my own experience has been they are extremely buggy with iPhone 6s. I've actually purchased them twice now and returned them. The problem for me is that while they worked well for music, they simply failed to work during phone calls. Every 1-3 minutes during a phone call they will disconnect, making them practically unusable. I went through two physical pairs during my first purchase, and returned them because the problem couldn't be resolved. I recently repurchased again to see if they'd ironed out this bug and unfortunately they hadn't. I will try again in another month, but for now I would steer clear of these unless you are an iPhone 7 owner.

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  • Yes for the IPhone 6s

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  • How match iphon 6
    16 GB
    Color Gry

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  • I have a 6s and the airpods work fine with it. They connect automatically just like they should with an apple product. I cannot recommend these enough if you are currently using the classic corded earpods.

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  • Yes, It should. I have the iPhone 6 plus and it works fine.

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  • yes it will work with both

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  • Iphone6s

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  • Apple says it works with any device runnung on ios 10

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  • Will they work with the mac book pro? When will they be available?

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  • They work with most Bluetooth devices. You can pair them using the case

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