Can the USB-C ports on this be used interchangeably (reversed) and still provide full connectivity to the new Macbook?

I use and love my Rain Design mStand for ergonomic and thermal dissipation with my MBP. I have a dongle for the DisplayPort to hdmi for an external monitor. I have noticed that because of the mStand it seems to place vertical stress on the DisplayPort on the side of the MBP. The port bears the weight of the dongle and the cord that connects to it all day, every day.

I imagine this adapter was designed to have the single USB-C "tail" plug in to the port on the side of the MacBook and then have the various cords come out of the three ports on the opposite side to the various devices/power. I am wondering if it is possible to get a single USB-C cable that would run from the Macbook to the adapter and then have the adapter act as more of hub at the base of my external monitor. This setup would also improve cable management by keeping the clutter of three cables further away from where I would be connecting to the MacBook.

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    I tried something very similar and it did not seem to work. I plugged the tail into the Apple power brick and then connected the cable between the adapter and my MacBook. It didn't power USB-C or USB-A connections, and the laptop didn't seem to register the adapter at all, as far as I could tell. I didn't specifically test the HDMI, but it seems unlikely.

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