What cable will connect my new macbook pro to an eizo CG 245W monitor (that will allow 10 bit colour)?

Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter

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  • The User Manual for the CG245W monitor says 10 bit color (10 bits per component = 30 bits per pixel) is supported using the DisplayPort 1.1a input. You need a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable to connect your MacBook Pro to the display.

    If you also want to use the DVI-I inputs, a Dual-Link DVI adapter will work with the CG245W but the CG245W will only use a Single-Link signal, so you should choose a Mini DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI adapter to save money.

    DVI-D can support 1920x1200 @ 60Hz 24 bpp using a CVT-RB timing (154MHz pixel clock) = 3.696 Gbps.
    However, 30 bpp requires 4.62 Gbps which exceeds the usual DVI-D (single link) max of 3.96 Gbps.
    Maybe reduced resolution or refresh rate will allow 30 bit color via DVI-D?

    HDMI is the same as DVI-D except it can support higher bit rates in newer versions. Some DVI-D connectors on some PC motherboards can actually do HDMI 1.4 at up to 10.88 Gbps. Probably only displays supporting HDMI 1.4 or greater will accept such a signal.

    DisplayPort 1.1a supports up to 8.64 Gbps.

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