Can I use the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter with a KVM switch and a 27" iMac?

I want to run the video for the iMac and a PC to the iMac monitor. I use a KVM switch today to switch between work and home PCs (to share one monitor).

Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter

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  • I purchased a Rocketfish Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter and went through a PPA Int'l 2 port KVM switch. Worked fine for about 1 year, then I started to get little blocks on my video from time to time. Both the internal and external monitor had this. Eventually, I started to find the machine froze like this. Finally, the machine would not get to the login screen with the external monitor attached. When I figured out it was the adapter or KVM that was the problem, I replaced the adapter with an Apple brand adapter. After replacing it, I noticed the first sign of the same problem about 3 weeks later. Now, after parhaps 1.5 months, the Apple adapter seems bad.

    I have removed the KVM from the picture and the adapter still locks up the machine. Of course, the KVM could have damaged the adapter. What is most curious is that the Mac's internal screen also gets the blocks and that the Mac locks up from this configuration. The Mac is one I was issued for work. It is a fast machine, but the fact that one can hose it up by plugging in an adapter, even an Apple brand adapter, is, well, ridiculous. As for the KVM, I have been using KVM switches with PCs since probably 2003. This is the first time I've ever had any trouble like this. Of course, this is the first time I've had to use a Mac as well... but, it is faster than a PC, when it's not locked up because of the Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter issue.

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