is the lightning adapter compatable with iphone 6plus

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

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  • EDIT: Mystery below solved. It turns out that for some TV's, Samsung included you either have to or can set a label for the individual input. This label may effect the default scaling I've found. When I moved from a default of no label to PC, the scaling immediately solved my resolution problem and the image jumped from less than 720p to 1080p.

    So....check your display device and see if you are able to establish scaling parameter, aspect ratios, or anything else on the input HDMI port.

    Now I have an issue where after about 5 minutes of viewing my device switched off the TV onto the iPhone 6Plus and the only way I was able to get it to go back was by removing the cord, stopping my source, out to home screen, back into source of video and re-connecting. I'll view it as a fluke for now and update if it happens again.


    Yes. I'm using it with great success since it arrived last night. I'm getting 1080p out to my Panasonic TV's but for some reason my Samsung LED LCD is definitely a far worse image at 720p or even lower. I have not figured out why just yet. This is a big mystery as I troubleshoot. I'm using the same 1080p file on the Samsung sent from my computer over HDMI and it shows perfectly. Using the iPhone 6plus and adapter I get it severely down converted. I will update this when I solve the problem.

    I believe many others have similar random experienced given the reviews I've read. So many people love this...they probably immediately get 1080p to their display device. Others criticize the image. I would not be happy if I only had the Samsung result.

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  • Yes

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