If I use the plug/cord from an older 10W power adapter with this 12W adapter, will it still charge at 12W? They do fit (same connection).

I want to use the cord from the 10W adapter I had with my iPad 3 with the new 12W adapter I got with my iPad 4. I assume all the electronics that make it 12W are in the main body of the power adapter, not in the small section that slides onto it. The main parts of the adapters are the only parts that say anything about 10W or 12W. I noticed the little slide-on plug sections all say "2.5A 125V" regardless of when they were made, the one from my iPad 1 says the same thing as the one from my iPad 4. So I'm 99% sure I can connect the 12W adapter to an older cable or older plug and it won't make a difference and will still charge at 12W. I just want to have this confirmed.

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

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    In short, yes. This is still a 110v/220v 50/60 Hz AC to 5.1v DC through a USB port. Old apple USB cables can be used on the USB end and old AC connectors and cables can be used on the AC end. It functions the same as the 10W adapter, just has slightly more powerful (and possibly more efficient) electronic components than the 10w adapter. BTW, most devices have charge limiting circuitry built-in to stop overcharging and only use the maximum safe amperage to charge no matter how much amperage is available. One could build a 40W USB charger that may not use more than 12W of power when connected to the new iPad. I have yet to determine the maximum amperage allowed in the charging circuit of apples devices. (They do send different voltages to the devices using the data pins in the USB port to determine the type of charger that is powering the device.)

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