Is the Ipad air 2 case the same as the Ipad air case? I ask because I just received mine (part #MGTV2ZM/A) and it says Ipad Air not Ipad Air 2

iPad Air 2 Smart Case - Black

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    it is a different case specifically for the ipad air 2. The cutouts for the mics are different than that of the original ipad air case. for what its worth, the box for the iPad Air 2 simply says "iPad Air" on it as well.

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  • Cases are different, because cutouts and button access externally have changed. Superficially the packaging has also changed, but Apple, in their zeal for minimalism, austerity, and subtlety, have made the change so subtle, it's almost unnoticeable. Aside from the words "2nd Generation" in tiny type on the SKU label on the back, on the front, the word "ipad" is in a lighter typeface for Air 2. For the original Air it's in boldface... Too clever by half, and twice as confusing.

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  • It is different. I'm using my old iPad air case and the volume control buttons don't line up right. I need to get the new one.

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  • No they are not the same. Look at the speaker grill, iPad Air 2 case has single row while the one for the Air has a double row. I have the Midnight Blue iPad Air 2 case and find the fit to be perfect.

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  • I had the same experience. My order was right, but my packing slip and the front of the case just said iPad Air Smart Case with no reference to "2"... I looked harder today and found the answer...

    Look on the back of the box on the bottom right corner. Mine has a tiny UPC tag there and on that tag it says "iPad Air (2nd Generation)". I think that is the answer we were looking for.

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  • If you noticed the box when you received your device, it simply said, "iPad Air," as well. No designation of 2. It's Apple's way. I put mine down right next to my wife's iPad Air, purchased March 2014, and instantly could see how much thinner it is. Removed the initial confusion that had me thinking that I'd probably need to check Model number to see if I got the correct item. Felt stupid afterward--Apple has NEVER shipped me the wrong product, why would they start now. The only way that I would have known without a doubt would be if I ordered the Gold iPad--and THAT would not happen. Ever.

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  • I had the original iPad Air with an iPad case. I bought the air2 yesterday in an Apple Store and was extremely disappointed in the muted colour selection for new cases so the sales person helping me suggested I go with the cover in my colour preference and a 3rd party clear back case. She out it all together and it seemed great. Until I got home and realized that the rear camera and a number of the buttons didn't line up.
    Back to another Apple Store today. Explained problem and was told that was probably because it was a third party back, but that the apple case is designed to fit both models. I plan to sell my original iPad Air and since the case is a bit grubby, figured I could just swap it over and sell with no case. Thankfully, I insisted on trying it before I left the store. Sure enough, the case I bought last year doesn't fit this year's model ipad air2.
    Clearly they need to educate their sales force that the iPad's have minor but significant changes. And they need to speak to research and development about creating the cases in the cool colors that the covers are noo available in as well... I ended up having to go with red case again instead of the pretty green i got in a cover format yesterday.

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  • On the back of the case box bottom where the barcode is it should say iPad Air (2ND GENERATION).

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  • My iPad Air 2 Smart Case which I bought last week online from the Apple Store, does specifically say iPad Air 2 Smart Case on the front of it (as well as in tiny print on the barcode sticker, as mentioned). Mine is the red one, if it makes any difference.

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