How long should one of these tips last?

I have used my pencil approx. a total of 3 hours and already had to replace the tip. I thought something was wrong with my Apple Pencil because it wasn't working at all on a full charge. Put the new tip on and now it works. What causes the tip not to work anymore? Seems like I should have gotten more than 3 hours out of a tip.

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    I've had my iPad Pro since March 2016. As I write in this response in January 2017, I've yet to replace a tip. I use the pencil daily for about and hour at a time mostly for typing and navigating. Ocassionally I use it to scratch my back.

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  • It lasts a lot longer than three hours. I've been using mine every day for three weeks and it still seems like new. I suspect it stopped working because it had become a little unscrewed. Mine appeared to work only intermittently for a while and then I realised that it worked 100% after I screwed it in properly. It wasn't obvious it had become a little unscrewed. I suspect your new tip appeared to work because, on changing tip, you screwed the new one in tight. Try changing back to the "old" one and I'm sure you will find it works just fine.

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  • I have had my pencil for a year. I use it approximately 8 hours a day 7 days a week to draw, type and play games and I am still on my original tip. I have a crack across the screen of my ipad and when drawing the pencil has to continually scrape over it. I thought it would shorten the life of the tip but it has had no affect...except to annoy me. I am going to put a screen protector on to smooth out the bumps.
    If your tip seems to be not working check it has not unscrewed a bit and needs tightening. Also check that your bluetooth has not dropped out.
    If there is a wifi drop out momentarily but it does not affect what you are doing you may not notice but, you will see the bluetooth has dropped out too and it will not come back without manual reconnection. Just plug it into your ipad for a second and it will reconnect.
    This is my second pencil. I dropped my first one and lost it, I was devistated and immediatly bought another. I very highly recommend them.

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  • I had a similar experience after a few days of use. The pencil would skip on one side of the tip or not work at all. The other side of the tip worked ok. Turns out that my pencil's tip had become loose and needed to be tightened. Once tightened the tip is working like new. Thank you to everyone who mentioned this in other reviews.

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  • When I purchased my Apple Pencil, I spoke with the tech in the Apple store and he told me that the tips should last a very long time with normal use. If you use it for reasons other than what it was intended for, then all bets are off. Those who have problems with these tips after a few months may have tips that are not properly secured to the pencil or are defective. If the tip is defective, you should take ithe pencil back to Apple. It is warranted for one full year from date of purchase. Apple prides itself on quality and though we may not always agree on the design or contents of their products, you can be assured that they will be of the highest quality or they will make good on it.

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  • Tips don't wear out with normal use but I have found that two things can affect tip feel and performance. This applies not just to Apple Pencil, but to any stylus with a plastic tip. (I've been using stuff like this since the Newton.)

    One, you might drop the stylus onto concrete and mar the tip. If it has a flat spot or rough spot, it can affect the feel quite a bit.

    Two, and this was really bad for me once, tiny bits of grit-- like a tiny grain of silica-- can become embedded in the plastic. For instance, a tiny bit of grit on the screen can be pressed into the tip by the force of you drawing. Now you have a sharp little thing embedded in there and not only will it feel wrong, it could scratch the screen.

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  • I've used my new Apple Pencil on my new 10.5" iPad Pro for nearly 2 months, from 0.5 to 3 hours a day. I write notes, and occasionally draw some simple graphs and diagrams. I have a slightly heavy hand.

    Over the last week, it has started to occasionally and annoyingly grip the screen, as if the screen were made of grippy rubber. Rather than sliding smoothly, there's a lot of resistance, a lot of drag. Its almost unusable. But if I rotate the pencil about 10-20 degrees, it gets smooth again. When I run my finger over the tip, I feel a slight roughness on one side of the tip.

    So my experience is that my tip has started wearing out after about 2 months or so.

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