Are the AirPods waterproof?

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    i mistakenly put my AirPods (without case) in the washing machine. After waking for 30 mins and drying 60 mins, they are still working pretty well. I was impressed.

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  • Hey Jimmy!
    Happy Easter!
    No they are not waterproof, but they do tolerate minor sweat (in my experience).
    Long story short, don't go swimming with them.


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  • I just found my airbuds in the washing machine, after I inadvertently left them in my shorts.
    I screamed and cursed at myself; then I tried them, and they worked! I see from the threads that they are lot supposed to be water proof.. but looks like I got away with it. But I don't recommend it.

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  • Not saying you should try it, but I have gone to splash parks with it. Took them to the shower also. But I’ve seen people on these forums saying that they have survived washing mastines, a week on a drain hole and swimming with it.

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  • Im not sure about the airpods themselves but I accidentally dunked and submerged the charging case in a mug of water where it most like stayed submerged top open for about 5-6 min before I noticed it there. I took it out let it sit and dry for about an hour and it worked fine.

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  • My AirPods also went through a wash cycle, after which the Left earpiece and charging case seem to be okay, but the right one is gonzo.

    I opted to replace entire set and keep the washing-machine survivors for use as replacement parts. I figure the life expectancy of the surviving parts has probably been shortened and don't want to throw good money after bad.

    RECOMMENDATION: Buy a water-resistant case with caribiner for $24.95. The good ones may help your AirPods survive a dunk, and the caribiner is handy. I clip mine on my belt loop when at home-- splendid spouse and cat don't seem to mind the nerd look, and it helps to prevent inadvertent trips through the wash.

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  • Dropped mine in a coffee cup on Sunday and they seem to still work on Wednesday.

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  • This is not waterproof

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