Do the Earpods have single or dual drivers and what is the frequency range?

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    I believe they are *dual drivers* which is why they sound so good. This is consistent with Apple’s design philosophy in the HomePod as well (it’s too bad they aren’t tripple drivers with a three way crossover!). I believe the EarPods also have a 20hz - 20khz frequency response. For reference, I think they sound better than the Shure se 315’s I just bought in quiet rooms and environments, which I am actually quite a bit upset about given I paid nearly $200 for the Shure’s.

    But, given that the se315’s are single driver headphones, it only makes sense that the EarPods with dual drivers and evelevated mids, would sound better. The only way to improve on the EarPod sound is to get a true 3-way crossover triple driver earphone. Something like the Westone pro w30. That will sound a lot like the EarPod but better in every possible way. But, it’s price is $400 vs the EarPod’s $29. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    $400 buys a lot of EarPods, but if your main thing is music, and you are an aspiring musician, or appreciate accurate sound and can actually know when you hear the difference (ie, not an idiot), then spending on the better headphones might be something to do to reflect interest in a hobby. Or maybe over time you grow tired of the EarPod sound and it’s limitations (say, months later) and so then it might be worth it.

    In any case, when paired with an iPhone and Apple Music (or Deezer), the Apple EarPods sound fantastic. Finally, the lighting to 3.5mm adapter + the 3.5mm EarPods sound better than the lightining EarPods, if that’s something you care about. It sounds like the Lightining EarPods squash the high frequencies down into a narrower band, so likely changing the source material via some kind of Fourier transform with the built in dac of the lightining EarPods. Essentially it makes the music sound squished together like a hamburger or something like that.

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