How can I stop my airpod to connect with other phones?    Is there any way to connect my airpod only one device/phone ?


My airpods easily can connect with my wife's phone which is not good.

And if someone steals my airpods it's easy for him it connects with his phone!

kindly help.

Thank you!

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    From my. experience not only with AirPods, but with at least a dozen other bluetooth headsets, they all will connect with with any bluetooth device they have first been paired with, they will not connect without a first pairing. It is no different with the AirPods. In my apartment where I use my Airpods every day usually for 3 -4 hours, it has been my experience that they connect quickly and easily with the last device they were used with. I have them pared with my MacMini, My iPan Air2' my iPhone 6S and my Apple TV. All of these devices have bluetooth on 7 x 24 ( Apple TV excluded) plus my wife has her bluetooth on 7 x 24 on both her iPhone 5S and iPad Pro. I mostly use my AirPods with my iPhone. When I put the first AirPod in my ear, they always connect almost immediately with my iPhone and no other device. But if I happened to have used them last with my iPad, they will connect with the iPad, no matter where the iPad is in my apartment. From this experience I concluded that it will connect automatically with the last device I used if that device is in range. I have experienced that if the last connected device is not in range and the device I want to use it with now is in range, Then I have to go to settings, Bluetooth and tap connect for AirPods. Therefore, I Believe you are missunderstanding how bluetooth and AirPods works in general, your concerns are unwarrented.. In all the years I have been using all kinds of blutooth devices, I have never experienced them gratuitiously conneting to any device that had not first been pared with, and pairing is a manual process. True AirPods do invoke pairing if they are in the case and the case button on the back is pressed, but even that requires a manual resposne on the device. Your safe guard is the fact that to pair the iPod to a new device, you must have the case, the AirPods must be in the case, and you press the case button. They are supposed to be able to connect with any BT receiver in general.

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  • Airpods can only connect to one device at a time. You can pair it to non-Apple devices. If your airpods are ever stolen, unless the thief is within 30-35 feet of your iPhone, they will not be able to connect to your phone. You will run into that problem with any headphone you purchase unless they are made for your specific phone.

    Hope this helps.

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