How is the bass for the AirPods?


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    Much like the fit of the Airpod...I found that the bass response will be individualized.

    If the Airpods are a good fit, you will enjoy more bass, if they fit poorly then you will experience less.

    Like all headphones the seal in your ears impacts the bass. While the Airpods are not designed to seal out the outside world passively, they certainly fit more snugly in some ears than in others.

    Take the wired earpod and push them towards your ear to improve the seal....bass is better!

    In any case, the bass response to my ear is accurate and not booming. If you like your bass to pound your chest and thump your brain you should look elsewhere. If you enjoy bass as part of your the music experience as a whole, these will work for you.

    Hope this helps.

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  • I am surprised that someone answered that the base in AirPods weak. I think there is too much base, so much that I can feel the ear vibrating together with the AirPods, which is very unpleasant. I wish there was a way to adjust produced sound on iPhone with an equalizer so everyone would be able to adjust it to their liking. I can't use AirPods because of too much bass. I can't handle it. After 1 minute of music I feel like my head will start aching. But I do love EarPods. To me they provide just perfect amount of bass.

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  • Great as expected

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  • The bass is alright but it's definitely not as good as the EarPods. It's not as loud, and not as smooth. I'd say there is a roll-off at the lowest-end of the bass-notes too. It seems a typical issue with Bluetooth earphones. I think perhaps a combination of the Bluetooth audio protocol, which seems to add a small amount of distortion to bass, making it a bit rougher (hopefully improved once they support lossless-audio in iOS 11), and also perhaps a reduction to improve battery performance (bass requires more energy to produce an equal perceived loudness, so if you roll-off the bass a little, you get equivalent loudness with less power consumption).

    They're not bad, but they're a little disappointing relative to the EarPods, given that's what they should really sound identical to.

    Of course fit is also an issue, but if the EarPods give you good bass, this are identical in shape so should be the same.

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