sports?? walking running? how secure are they in the ear??

Love this idea but concerned about how securely they fit into my ears. I want to be able move in them- run, walk elliptical.

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    They are extremely secure. More so than the equivalent EarPods which I find are usually dragged out by the cord. I've been on a few runs with these and they haven't budged.

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  • From my experience and what I've heard/read, it totally depends on the shape of your ear and how well the AirPods fit for you. If you've noticed that your EarPods fit well in your ear you shouldn't have any issues with the AirPods falling out during sports or running. I have been using mine at the gym for the past week and a half and they haven't once fallen out of my ears.

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  • I've used them for the last week and I'm quite pleasantly surprised at how stable they are. I can't vouch for those sports where your upside down but for what I use them for they are perfect. I ride a road bike and like to listen to audio books while I work out so I ride with just the right ear bud inserted in my ear for safety reasons. It works perfect!! Volume is more than substantial enough to compete with normal traffic noise. These things are stable in my ear as well. I've been afraid that I'm going to have one drop out while going over rough pavement or bumps.. nothing!! Totally solid in my ear! Sound is better than expected! I use them for conf calls to replace my Plantronics Voyager Pro and the call quality is equal if not better. I'm more than pleased with the Airpods.

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  • I've done yoga in mine and they were rock solid in the ears....they didn't even fall out in a head stand!

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  • I have larger ears and relatively oily skin. Nasty way to start a post, I know. However, so far the Airpods fit in my ear pretty well. I think you'll find that the chords from the Earpods that ship with the iPhone/Pads were the main reason why they wouldn't stay in your ear. The Airpods, surprisingly, stay pretty well secured in my ear...though I'm sure I looked pretty ridiculous shaking my head from side to side testing that out. I do a lot of cycling and the Airpods are great because of the exceptional charge time, case and sound.

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  • I bent over a little to get something out of my trunk and one fell out. This is 30 minutes after I purchased them, so I'm not sure if this matters. One fits in the ear better than the other.

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  • biking, running no problem stays in the ears all day.

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  • Depends on one's ear anatomy. I had to return mine, they fell out constantly when walking--impossible for me to jog with them. Almost lost one, but jogged back a 1/4 mile and there it was! Tried the Spigen Airpod strap--that prevented loss of an AirPod but increased the probability of them falling out--the strap pulls on the Air Pod. Bought the Beats X instead, which are rock solid (but less convenient in several respects).

    However, I plan to re-order the AirPods, which I will only use at home, primarily for use with my mini iPad. Across multiple uses, you need more than one pair of wireless ear buds--no single one can do it all.

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  • They do not stay in my ears very good at all, I have to keep pushing them back in my ears or they would fall out. I can only use while sitting down.

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  • I've had mine for a week and on three separate occasions while out walking one, or both, have fallen out of my ear(s). Rather disappointing to say the least.
    I'm going to keep them for a few more days and see if I can figure out why they're doing this, if I can't then I probably return them. Bummer!

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  • They're great for those gym activities, and also on a bike, if that's how you choose to cycle. I have had one instance when I scratched and itch and dislodged one, managing to catch it before it fell on a running machine, but this was my error, not poor design on Apples part.
    I would have no worries about them falling out. That said, you should try the original wired ones to see how they fit your ears.

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  • They are basically the same size and shape as Apple's corded headphones. If the corded headphones don't spontaneously fall out, these won't either.

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  • I have ran three 5K's with them. They never felt loose. Your mileage may vary. If you can wear the wired set without issue, you will most likely have the same experience with these.

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