Will the AirPods work with MacBook Air 13" or with iPhone SE(updated to iOS 10)? Can I control the volume or skip a song from the AirPods?

I'm interested in buying.

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  • I send you an email I sent my sister in law recently about her AirPods.
    I told you about Double Tap a Pod (to summon Siri) + "Set volume 50 percent" (tap fairly quickly)

    But this is not as useful as

    "Increase/Decrease volume some_percent" , which I discovered today,

    - since you don't really know at what percentage volume it is currently playing.

    I often use , "Play" to restart, "Stop Playing" , and Play "song_name" , "skip this song" and "play previous song" for mp3 playlist.

    I don't have audible books to test, but it is probable that some commands will work with audible books.
    It is conceivable that "next chapter", "previous chapter" and "play Chapter 8" would work .

    With the above stuff, I am thinking of AirPods, but if you summon Siri on you phone, say with a "press and hold" on the Home button,
    or by voice with "Hey Siri" , you can do all or most of these command to the music player app.

    iOS 10.x is required. "Hey Siri" does not work on my iP6 ios10.x, so I double tap away. I believe such does work on iP6s

    I find that I have slightly increased success with the double-tap action, if I leave my finger in contact with the Pod after the second strike.

    AirPods have been continuously on back order since launch.

    If you should ever have my experience (several days ago) you can not fully insert the lightning cable into the AirPod case, get a toothpick (avoid steel needle etc) and remove the lint from the charging port. I wear the same fishing style shirt everyday. Its large pockets are my man's purse, holding iPhone 6, AirPod case and kleenex!

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