Could it be this adpater is responsible for faster MBP battery drain?

When I'm at my desk my late-2016 15" MBP is connected via thunderbolt cable to my late-2013 iMac which then acts as an external display for the MBP (target display mode).

I've had the connector for 2-3 weeks now, and in that period I found my MBP on more than one occassion completely drained of power in the morning in this configuration:
- screen-lid of the MBP is open
- power-cable not attached to MBP (energy saving: the MBP is getting reasonably warm as well after a periode of time)
- Thunderbolt 3/2-adapter attached to MBP and iMac
- started running Bitdefender for Mac in the same period << this might be (part of) the problem too

I don't think I've had that same experience before I had the adapter (and Bitdefender..).

I'll do some tests to see what might be the rootcause

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