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    There is a cover on the apple store - Tech21 Impact Clear Case for 10.5-inch iPad Pro - it comes with a detachable Apple Pencil holder and works well with the Apple Smart Keyboard. I have been using it for a week now, with no complaints

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  • I have the clear plastic cover for the back that comes with the detachable holder for the Apple pen. The cover is great for protecting the back and edges of the iPad, but I do not recommend using the pen holder because the pen can easily fall out. I removed the holder and use it separately. It keeps my pen from rolling around and protects the point. The back cover is nice because it is thin - not bulky like other cases I've used for my tablets.

    You should know the back cover makes depressing the iPad buttons more difficult. The cover does not have holes that allow you to directly touch the buttons, but instead provides depressible plastic buttons covering (protecting) the iPad buttons. My family says I have "fingers of steel", so I can do it okay, but I think a child or an adult with delicate fingers might find the buttons annoyingly difficult to depress. To change the volume, for example, I have to prop the bottom edge of the iPad against the table before depressing the buttons on top. You will not feel tactile feedback from the buttons, either. You have to watch the screen or listen to the sound to know what effect you are having.

    I also bought the leather Smart Cover. The Smart Cover is supposed to put the iPad to sleep when it is closed, but this doesn't happen on mine, and I suspect this may be caused by the back cover's front edges not allowing the Smart Cover to completely engage the iPad when closed. I wore my angry eyes at first upon discovering this, but I have since accepted my fate. It isn't really so bad to push the power button to put the iPad to sleep before shutting the cover. The combination of the two covers provides great protection without noticably increasing thickness.

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