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    I had an iPhone 6 for 2.5 years with no screen protector. I did have a Tech21 silicone case covering the back and sides. My iPhone 6 was in mint condition when I recently got my new iPhone 8+. The sales guy at the Apple store told me when I got the 6 to not waste my money on a screen protector as the phone's screen was strong and hard to scratch under normal use. I found that to be true. As a result, I again opted to not get a screen protector for my new 8+. I did, however, buy the Apple silicone case for my 8+. I'm careful with my phone; I keep it in a belt holster and don't abuse it. If you are prone to dropping your phone or tossing it about, or if you carry in uncovered in your purse or pocket, a case of some sort should be a must, and a screen protector might also be right for you, For me, the case is a must and the screen protector is just a waste of $$. Hope this helps.

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  • I sure do wish I could get a straight answer to this WITHOUT someone trying to sell me a screen protector (Google is terrible about this). Apple's iPhone 8 Plus is such a beautiful product, I HATE to put something else on the amazing screen. I have a good case in case I drop it, but would REALLY like to leave screen alone. Thoughts??

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  • Honestly? I’d recommend one. Through normal use I’d imagine it is hard to scratch, however if you put your phone in your bag or your pocket and there is stuff in there (keys for example) they could scratch of mark your phone.

    I know this is anecdotal but I’ve had an iPhone 6 since release -just upgraded to the 8+ - and it is in flawless condition (maybe a bit dirty) because I had a screen protector and a case for the back. I’d say I wasn’t gentle with my phone but that would be an understatement!

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  • When i started Using 4s I was using screen protector. but after a while remove it and got lazy to put one. so then 5s,6s, and now 8, I never put a screen protector and never have issue. Though I use a case, from belkin, mophie, generic cases both soft silicon and hard plastic case, apple leather case(without cover).with lip and no lip. now I usually just put my phone in my pocket, but usually I make sure that its the only content of my pocket.. I put my keys and wallet on the left side, and phone on the right side. its been a habit.

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