A friend just gave me his old Macbook Pro. It's Mac OS X 10.4.11. Do I need to get Snow Leopard or can i go straight to Lion?

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    In order to get Lion you must have the latest version of Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6.8) already installed.

    But first, check your Mac's Processor and Memory:

    The MacBook Pro came with Intel processors, so Snow Leopard can be installed. However, for Lion, a Mac must have at least the
    "Intel Core 2 Duo" or "Core i3", "Core i5", "Core i7", or "Xeon" processor.

    The earliest MacBook Pro was produced in early 2006 and had the "Intel Core Duo" processor which is NOT supported by Lion.

    Memory: Snow Leopard requires a minimum of 1GB RAM; Lion requires a minimum of 2GB RAM.

    When you install Snow Leopard you will likely have an earlier version such as OS 10.6.3. Simply go to Apple Menu and select Software Updates to update to OS 10.6.8. Then, if you have a supported processor and enough memory, you can download and install Lion.