AC power cord - is that also included when I purchase an Adapter? If not, how can I also acquire the AC cord?

When I purchase an Apple MagSafe Power Adapter, do I also by the thick AC power extension cord (>1m) that one uses to connect the adapter to the actual power outlet in the wall? (i.e. similar to the one I got when purchasing my Macbook originally?) This is left ingeniously unclear in the product description of the MagSafe Adapter and the accompanying pictures, which is not helped with the absence of such a separate AC power cord in the Macbook product accessory categories.

In addition, is the configuration of the prongs in the plug of the AC cord that which is used in the country where the Adapter/Cord are purchased. That is, when purchasing the adapter via AppleStore/Canada I would expect to get a North-American version? It would be best would be if one could specify this technical aspect, too, instead of having to guess.

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    Yes sir, it does come with the AC extension cable. There is reference to it buried in the description quoted below:

    "When the connection is secure….An AC cord is provided with the adapter for maximum cord length, while the AC wall adapter (also provided) gives users an even easier and more compact way to travel."


  • I've only bought one MacBook Pro power adapter so far, and it was the 60W one for a 13" MacBook Pro and I bought it in the UK.
    It did come with the AC power cord.

    I have been unable to source the AC power cords through official channels, which is extremely annoying since I travel a lot and it's far easier to take the right cord with me than use a universal adapter.

    Instead I turned to eBay and bought an EU cable and a US cable. Amusingly the US one turned up with a sticker attached to it saying it was a test model and to email an address if the product was found. Seems to work, but I would much prefer to have purchased the cables through an official channel.