Are the cases water resistant?

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

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    I was wondering that was well. With the iPhone 7 Plus being water resistant, it seemed counter intuitive to have a leather case. I called Apple and the women I spoke to didn't know, but what she read about the case on their end said nothing about water resistant treatment in the case. I have the leather case for my 6s Plus, so I soaked it in water for 10 minutes and let it air dry. It did just fine. No warping or anything. The texture of the case changed a little bit on the outside, but that's kind of expected. It will go back to the way it was I'm sure. It's just less slippery. I'm personally getting the silicone case for my 7 Plus though. I'd rather not worry about it at all.

  • It's leather so unlikely.