Are these water resistant?

  • Asked about:  42mm Woven Nylon

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    They do absorb water but I have had no issues with the quality of the band after leaving it on in the shower and washing dishes. However when this band does get wet, since it absorbs water, it will stay wet for quite some time. Best to remove it and let it air dry.

  • 42mm Black Woven Nylon with Series 2 watch and water resistance. Well, I used my watch - series 2 and woven nylon band while swimming in a 25 meter pool for 1000 meters - worked perfectly. YES the band was wet after the swim but it dried in minutes. Time will tell if any problems occur. But I am confident in Apple that they have made the perfect design for swimming.

  • I think this is a personal preference kind of question/answer. It's basically asking if nylon is water resistant, & yes, nylon does not absorb water, but I don't think I'd recommend submerging it, but if you did, I don't think the thing would begin to unravel.

  • I would think so I mean to be honest I have submerged my leather bands in water and used chemical wipes on them and they hold up very well and I would think that this one would be a little more durable.