Are they good for small ears?

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    Not really. If I am sitting still I can place them in my ear gently but any movement may cause them to fall out. If I press them in a bit so that they are more secure, they start to hurt after just a few minutes. Placing them in my ear upside down (the cable pointing up) seems to help a bit. Overall I love the sound qulity, but really wish they would make a smaller earpod or make it with a softer material that had some give to be able to fit a smaller ear comfortably.

  • I have ridiculously small ears so these, like the regular apple earbuds, didn't fit at all for me. But a couple of my friends who's ears were also too small for the regular apple earbuds have said that these fit them fine. They clearly fit a more wide variety of ears though so if regular earbuds were too big for you, there is still hope :)

  • yes acually smaller is better for these

  • No :( the previous apple earbuds fit me alright, but the EarPods either fall out or hurt. I was so looking forward to them, too. I'm told I have small ears, but like, shouldn't the EarPods fit everyone who fit the previous ones? Apparently not. I think the problem might be that they are SLIPPERY. There's nothing rubbery/grippy on them, so either they fall out or you have to wedge them so hard that they hurt. FAIL.

  • No, my girlfriend can't fit them. Her ears are just too small. But I like mine, they really fit amazingly well :)