B&O Beosound 3200 compatibility with Airport Express

I wish to play iTunes from the PC in another room through my Bang & Olufsen Beosound 3200 system. (I already have a wifi router set up).

I'd like confirmation - before buying it - that the Airport Express will link to my B&O system; and also confirm if/which additional cable needs to be purchased.

Thanking you kindly in advance


  • Asked by fn from Sydney
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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  • Airport Express sound port is a 1/8 inch (mini) stereo jack. The output of which can be adapted to any type audio input. Bear in mind, airport express audio works from airplay (iTunes). So, as long as you are using iTunes as your default application for audio files, you should have no trouble. Airport express is also its' own wifi. But since you already have a wifi setup, you can just have the express join your existing network in the bridged mode. Whereby it just becomes an extension of your existing wifi.

    I use mine typically as an extension. Where the primary media server (mac) is in one room, on occasion, I maybe would enjoy streaming something from iTunes, in my case it is usually a radio stream, or something on my server. iTunes, will direct the output from the normal sound card to the airport express audio port. Which then gives me audio to another set of preamp, amplifier and speakers located elsewhere in the house.

    I have and additional express on patio so as to direct that same signal outside if I wish.

    Hope this answers your question.

    • Answered by Bill B from Red Oak