Can I choose to upload its video to iCloud? Can I opt out of uploading video to this vendor and direct the feed/file elsewhere?

This product is enticing, but I don’t wish to create other accounts at 3rd party websites, nor upload video to them. This should be obvious. I am willing to forgo whatever server-side processing they offer (bummer if they’re not baked in to their bird) in order that my video and notifications are based in my account at iCloud and accessible only to me.

Again, I like the features above, but I don’t want them requisite to creating an account at their website—or any other 3rd party besides my existing Apple iCloud account. (No offense to them intended.)

Canary All-in-One Home Security System and Camera

Canary All-in-One Home Security System and Camera

Product No Longer Available

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    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your question. Video recorded by Canary is uploaded to our servers where it is processed and an active Canary account is required to access your videos and control things like arming and disarming. There currently is no way to opt out and upload video to iCloud or personal storage. This is great feedback though, and I will pass it on to our team.

    - Matt from Canary