Can I connect LG 5k display using USB-C (orT3) to Lightning cable to a Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad?

I've just taken delivery of LG 5k display. I have both a MacMini and a MacBookPro. I would like to be able to use the display like an old fashioned KVM switch (albeit I assume I will need to plug / unplug one T3 cable to switch between my two machines rather than being able to toggle between the two - would be nice but not sure such a product exists - have looked at various docks eg from Caldigit, but they are very expensive and probably still don't have the ability to toggle without unplugging?). I want to be able to use the large screen, full size keyboard and trackpad (I have to use those for MacMini anyway, but would also want to use them with MBP). I assume I can use each of one of the 'spare' 3 USB-C connections on the back of display for ethernet connection (using USB-C to ethernet adapter) and two USB-C to Lightning cables to connect the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad (I assume I will need / prefer to use cable connection rather than Bluetooth so as not to constantly have to repair my two Macs). Any thoughts on whether this would work or alternative solutions gratefully received?

  • Asked by Nicholas S

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