Can I connect this to my iPhone 7?

RED RAVEN Camera Kit + Final Cut Pro X

RED RAVEN Camera Kit + Final Cut Pro X

Product No Longer Available

7 Answers from the Community

  • Yes. Via the FoolControl App.

  • Yes with the FoolControl app which is amazing.

  • Yes. Please see the Compatibility section at the bottom of the Product Page for iOS device compatibility.

  • Yes, you can control the camera with an iPhone.

  • Yes, with Foolcontrol.

  • There are apps on the apple app store like foolcontrol for example that allow you to connect to the camera and control all of its features from a Mac or iPhone.

  • Yes. The Raven has built in wifi, so you can connect the Iphone 7 via an app called foolcontrol. You can purchase the app in the App Store. This app gives you full control of the Raven.