can i connect tv monitor via thunderbold/hdmi cable to back of a thunderbolt monitor and have two screen active?

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

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    As long as the TV monitor you're trying to connect to the Thunderbolt monitor is compatible with Thunderbolt technology then you're okay to connect and have two active screens for viewing. Myself, I have a 27" Retina Thunderbolt iMac (2014) connected to a 27" Retina Thunderbolt Display and it works like a charm with both active screens, however I've tried to connect an HP Laptop which is VGA to my iMac but the VGA is not compatible with Thunderbolt technology. The reason i'm mentioning this last sentence to you is that whatever you connect to any Thunderbolt technology monitor must be "fully compatible" to it. Hope this information is useful to you and good luck!