Can I move files from Dropbox to this?

PROMISE 4TB Apollo Personal Cloud Storage

PROMISE 4TB Apollo Personal Cloud Storage

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    Yes, if you have Dropbox folder on Finder, just drag and drop whatever you want to Apollo Cloud Utility!

  • Yes. You can move files from Dropbox to Apollo Cloud, but that will only apply to the files you synchronized from your Dropbox account to your Mac system.
    In your Mac, open Apollo Cloud app and Dropbox app. Firstly, identify the location of Apollo Cloud sync folder in your Mac.
    Usually, your Apollo Cloud sync folder is located at your Home folder call "Apollo".
    Now, in your Mac, click on the Dropbox icon at the top bar, then click on the Settings wheel and select Preferences.
    In the Preferences options, click on Account tab. At the "Dropbox location:" pull down menu, select "Others..".
    Now, in the folder section page, choose the "Apollo" sync folder where you want the Dropbox files to move in.
    After ensure the move, click on "Select" button to start files transferring from Dropbox to Apollo Cloud.
    Be aware of that, uploading large number of files (1000+) or big size of files in one time may take a little bit longer period, it depends on network bandwidth and the time for creating large file database in your Apollo.